Perfection, by @Bensfantastic

Ben Lambert






By Ben Lambert




Admittedly I wasn’t on form on the last portfolio brief. Which has been frustrating as we are trying to hone our creative process as a team.


Although I think I’ve found the problem and the problem is perfection. I imagine a lot of people call themselves perfectionists but in particular creative’s suffer from the affliction.


But being a perfectionist kills creativity.


Perfectionists effectively procrastinate waiting for perfection but the problem is it doesn’t exist. There’s always something you could add, take away, a pixel to change, a hue to adjust and that’s the issue.


Whether you have a 2-day, a 2-week or a 2-month deadline you will always use the time given to you, nothing is ever ‘finished’. This has become particularly apparent to us art directors, who have been tasked with re-art directing a campaign ready for Alexandra Taylors master class tomorrow.


Perfection paralyses us. It stops us starting projects and stops us finishing them. It’s this fear of something not being how we want that cripples us, well me at the moment anyway.


Fear is the foe.


That’s not to say we shouldn’t be aiming for ‘perfect’, but it shouldn’t be what we evaluate ourselves on. Isn’t creativity about being curious, open to possibilities and not knowing the answer? Which is the point, as soon as you start thinking something’s perfect that’s when its over.

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