Finding Balance – By @G_Medford

Finding Balance under uncertain circumstances. 

Life can be compared to a set of weighing scales. Everything must be in order to find that balance so that you can proceed with relatively with ease. Balancing out all the issues that we face in life so we may find our centre, because when things are out of whack, there is utter chaos, making it near impossible to get anything started or finished. 

The Quarantine situation that we face globally has knocked us all off balance, not knowing what is going to happen next the day, week or month, it has been a scary ordeal but remaining focused on getting to the other side of the curve, alive and healthy and most importantly with a prosperous career has never been more important. 

I had struggled with finding that balance my entire life, within matters of education, work and family life there have been various events that have tipped my own personal scales, that have made life particularly more difficult to continue.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has been a serious disruption to the balance of everything once again. Since the quarantine we have faced new challenges to the way of life that we are used to. Studying under quarantine has become more difficult. Some of us have not the space in our homes to find our creative flow and trying to keep up communications with other students now has this layer of awkwardness attached to it. 

The inability to walk across a class to ask a mentor or a fellow member of the class about whats wrong with your work and where you could improve, now feels annoying and too formal.  Over the last couple of weeks my last partner had struggled to keep up with the pace of the course and this impacted the level of work we were both honestly proud of. There had been a lot going on in both of our personal lives due to the outbreak that affected us. Everything has a knock-on effect, like throwing a rock into a lake to create ripples. These ripples create wakes that turn into waves and I feel personally we both are feeling the mighty waves of disruption.

I hope that we can pull together the pieces of our D&AD entry, so that all our work amounts to something and gives our out of balance situation a silver lining. This will be the last project that we work on together but wish them all the best in their endeavour’s and I hope they find the right agency for them. 

The pandemic has taken a lot from me, it has taken away my Grandmother (Ms Isolyn Maclean) and a friend ( Bailey (Baytrilla) Churchill), I may not be able to morn them properly and see family and friends to celebrate their lives yet, but I can focus on whats in front of me and use this time to keep busy. I am focussing on finding the new balance in my current surroundings so I can leave the school of communications with a portfolio that has a perfect 100. Sometimes you must stop yourself and take a moment to reflect on whats really important, not dwell in the past or worry too much about the future but actually live in the present.

We will get through this.

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