Finding Out Why I’m Shit – By @Norwarican

Alex Overland

By Alex Overland


Finding Out Why I’m Shit


It’s nearing the end (I’m pretty sure we’ve passed ‘The Beginning of The End’), and things still aren’t perfect. But, part of learning is figuring out why you’re shit.

This isn’t really about making mistakes, more about recognising weak points, and fixing them faster.

“Why did I not do as well as I expected this week?”.

This has been easier to do since I started taking those seemingly uncreative things like time management and organization seriously. Once there’s a process (research, smp, filter, scamp, filter, produce, evaluate, repeat), that fits into a timeframe (not too tight), it’s easier to see what parts of the routine is working against me.

It’s not always huge changes in behavior that’s needed: adding some more blogs or ted talks to the media-­menu here, and some daily goals there, and ideas start forming a little easier (and almost on time).

Excluding the odd off­-day, it’s been really helpful to think of why the smps aren’t coming, or why they aren’t good enough or why it takes so long. Most of the time, I can think of something to change to try and make that part of the process work better. Rinse repeat.

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