Finding The Right Fit – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


Finding The Right Fit

In the physical world when something doesn’t fit, we do something about it. 
If it’s a piece of clothing, we go on a diet or buy a new one.
If it’s a piece of furniture, we refurbish or we replace it.
So why when it comes to things you can’t touch is it so hard to act when something doesn’t fit?
In my case it was my approach to SCA that didn’t fit. 
I constantly tried to squeeze myself into what I thought to be the only fit, instead of throwing it away.
It went so far I was no longer being creative, everything I made was soulless, boring and not very inspiring. On the few occasions when I did sum up the energy to actually be creative, the ideas had come from happier times. 
I was stressed out because I did not get any new ideas and was running out on old ones.
Starved on energy and passion, I still insisted on trying to squeeze in to this one size fits all idea of mine.
It felt like I owed something to someone, when really I owed it to myself to do what’s best for me.
When it comes to having a career in advertising, I think it’s easy to believe there’s only two routes to go down.
Become famous and work in the best agencies, or create things for a salary in a smaller unknown agency.
Reality is that there’s so much more to it. You have to make your own career, there’s no model you can just jump on and go with. 
You have to be as creative with your career as you would be with a brief. Because really, your career is the biggest brief you have to crack in order to be successful in your own eyes. 
If you’re lucky enough to be at SCA you’ll be mentored and guided on your journey.
Still in the end, only you can come up with the perfect solution for you.
I think my brief is far from cracked, but at least I’ve stopped staring at the template and started filling in the blanks.
It’s good to keep reminding yourself that there’s no brief that fits everyone. 
Trying to force fit something on yourself will only end up in the target group (yourself) being completely ignored.
You owe no one but yourself to crack the brief to your own success. 

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