First Impressions of SCA, by @AliciaCliffe


By Alicia Cliffe


First Impressions of SCA



So it’s the end of day two and we’ve taken so much away,


Nervous, excitement – even fear some would say.


Drinking champagne was our first activity,


Then Marc gave a speech about creativity.



We had a lot of fun, a little child’s play,


Tons of paper planes but not from M.I.A.


Those passion projects hey, what a mix!


A sneak peak of each individual’s bag of tricks.



We rounded up the day with a pint or three,


Adding friends numbers into caller ID.


Commuting from all over, far and near.


I’m sure we all agree it’s going to be a great year.



Today in two teams we had a go at acting,


And learnt a lot from Ben that was really impacting.


Half a day with Vik full of improvisation,


Learning to be quick with communication.



Ben taught us all about mindfulness,


How to understand our brains and gain success.


He highlighted the importance of meditation,


Focusing our minds to make a great connection.



Marc left us with our first group brief,

Were off to amazing agencies in disbelief.


Cameras in hand, questions in our head,


Team one’s vox pop video will be the one widespread.



Alicia Cliffe





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