First Impressions – Sept 2021/22

Ali U

My first week was like a teaser trailer of what’s to come. I felt a little lost going into this new adventure but, when I went through the first week I felt very comforted and thrilled to continue working with this amazing group of creatives. I had a good time getting into things that are new to me which usually goes the other way. Great first week, very happy to be here.

Andrea J

This week was my first in SCA, new school, new town, new people. I have been surprised by the school not just by the building but also by the first classes we had.  It is a very good experience to learn by simple subject and activities. We meet each other by the brief and the communication is easy between students which leads to help and good mood 🙂

Andreas I

What a fucking week.

Wow, what a fucking week,

At times I’ve needed to shriek,

Imposter Syndrome and Adobe has made me frown,

Felt like I’ve been on the cusp of a breakdown,

BUT the course has been stimulating and fun,

I’ve created stuff and already learnt a shit ton,

My coursemates are supportive, passionate and nice,

Our mentors are insightful, entertaining and give great advice,

So I’m looking forward to do it all over again,

And next week, I’ll try to be more Zen.

Archie M

Mr Cee made me stand up and defend my choice to come to SCA, and he pushed me until I articulated my case in such a way as I never had before. I understood in that moment just how much this course means to me. It clarified my sense of purpose better than the last 4 months of application and anticipation had done and revealed some things to me about myself that I had never previously observed. That was our first Wednesday afternoon. Sheesh.

Atticus P

The past three days have been challenging, but also the most fun I’ve had in years. Being amongst other creatives is refreshing in a way that I never knew I needed. To leave a poetry workshop and have such an abundance to share with other people who are as passionately effected by it you, is something I have never had before.  Even though there is great diversity in our student body, both in background and in skills, I feel a certain shared experience that unites us.. that of right brained people living in a left brained world. In our lives outside we may have been applauded for our work but we also may never have been truly appreciated or pushed. We also may never have had the opportunity to be in competition with other creatives.

Benjamin E

Right, first impressions, good, really good actually.

Work / Life balance not so good, really not good actually, but we’re working on it.

Very few things I didn’t love, apart from the price of a pint, but as far as complaints I think that’s pretty good, really good actually.

Everyone’s lovely, best behaviours all round. Not too many tears yet…but we’re working on it.

Excited for next week, here’s to more points, pints, and packed lunches

(I’ve been calling it my tuck as it’s my first week back at school, my partner hates it, I think it’s quite funny)

Cameron C

Blown away by it. So glad to be in the presence of some great people! Everyone is so talented. Graham Fink turned up on day 3, which was pretty crazy, Looking forward to learning from all the mentors,  Marc and fellow students too

Camille H

Week one done and dusted, still getting used to the early morning starts and the expensive lifestyle of coffee dependency while being far away from the kettle but what a great week! Not really like I expected and I mean that in a great way. Love having a purpose and love feeling my brain jiggle.

Cat B

Holy S**tballs!

Excuse my profanity, but I feel like that perfectly sums up my first week.

It’s been nothing like I imagined yet so much better than I expected.

I’ve already had a taste at how hard this course is going to be. I’ve been pushed, I’ve been challenged and I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone.


I’ve got this. I want this. I know this.

After 10 years of feeling lost, I’m home.

Chip M

Week 1 at SCA was like being a sim in a swimming pool that just had the ladder deleted but with much more laughing.

Clement B

This first week felt like a challenge, I am surrounded by so many talented people, that impressed me but as Mr C said, « You can only do you! »

Duncan C

So the first week was a baptism of fire. Maybe that’s slightly too intense though. It was more of an eighty-three degrees coca-cola bath with a mento bath bomb, uncomfortably hot, but pretty exciting nonetheless.

I had my first moment of feeling totally out of my depth at about 10.03am on day one. I had to pull myself out of a pit of self-loathing that evening and force myself back in on day two. Through the week most of the people I’ve spoken to have had at least one moment of feeling that way.

It’s nice to know that we all feel fucked sometimes, but at least we are all fucked together.

Ed R


…but also 🙂

Egan C

It’s been a stunning week with a stunning cohort! It’s been an absolute tornado of fresh air and kindness. It feels great to be part of an extremely helpful and diverse team again. The week felt like going back to work in an agency. The speed, the deadlines and the camaraderie was something I’ve missed so much. 

I’m really looking forward to next week and developing further with the help of the whole SCA family. I’m excited to discover what the future has in store for us and how we collaborate to smash through these next 10 months 🙂

Elisa M

This first week at SCA has been surprising and interesting.  As English is not my native language.  I had a really hard time convincing my brain to think in English all day!  But I succeeded.  It’s going to be a long road to December, as the classes are different from what I have seen before, and the language barrier adds a challenge, but I hope I can say I understand almost everything in 3 months!  The other students are nice and different.  They are so creative and passionate!  It feels good to be around these kinds of people.  I hope I have my place with them at this school.

Elizabeth E

It’s not what I expected. It’s more. To say it’s been a baptism of fire would be an understatement. I’ve experienced every single emotion in the spectrum in 4 days- often within the space of an hour. It’s scary but it’s also the kick start to the creative side of my brain that I needed. Being surrounded by such incredible minds is awaking an ambition I didn’t know existed – an urge to keep creating, to do more, push harder.

Hamaad A

My first week of SCA in 4 bullet points:


What a wonderful day

This is my bread and butter

It’s hard as fuck to draw on stretchy t-shirts with Sharpies

I’m an online student but I don’t feel left out. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been so interesting and willing to help. If this sets a precedent for weeks to come, then this really is the start of something beautiful. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year 100%.

Harlow G

My first week at SCA have been for me a huge success. Even though I haven’t won any briefs, at the end I have win the confidence and knowledge I needed. I met brilliant people who pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and I’m so thankful for this. It’s been only a week, and I feel like it’s the first time ever I feel so stimulated by work, which is a great thing! All in all, I look forward to see what the future will bring.

Holly K

Five Thoughts I Had During My First Week at SCA

1) SCA is special. It’s not like anything you will have ever done before. I thought having gone to BFS that I would be quasi- prepared for at least the first week,  I was wrong. The difference between BFS and SCA is massive. SCA is like the Drag Race of ad schools. It’s challenging. It’s hard. But it’s oh so worth it.

2) The work is bang on what I want to be doing. This is exactly what I want to be learning how to do. This is the career I want to carve out for myself. I have never been so stimulated by anything in my life. Every second, minute, hour, there’s something new to learn, make, or present. The pace is fast, it’s exhilarating. I went into each day feeling petrified to see what it entailed, but I also left each day feeling accomplished just for surviving it.

3) I’ve never seen so many talented people in a single room (and on a screen). I really really fucking enjoy watching everyone else’s work. Every single day I have been beyond amazed by the work people have produced. I can only hope over the duration of the course a few of my cohort may head home mulling over my work as I have theirs.

4) My comfort zone is not a space I inhabit at SCA. Having to do public speaking on a  daily basis feels like a water torture, and the constant fear of being outed as a fraud 

5) I can’t wait for more.

Jessica R

Have you ever met someone and thought “This first impression I’m having of you is going to change”.

Nope. Me either.

It just happens.

But with a school like SCA, I sense change is somehow inevitable. 

So I’m not kidding myself.

I am in the calm before the storm.

Khadar S

After a few days

It’s only been a week with SCA, looking back and reflecting on the week. I think I have lot of knowledge and information over this week, which has felt a bit overwhelming in some ways but knowing how much have already learned and I’m still taking in. Being dyslexic and knowing my advantages and disadvantages I really enjoyed the mindful lesson & meditation. To allow me to organise my thoughts a little bit more and create a schedule to stick by as well which is a big thing for me.

Really glad to be surrounded by such talented other people.

Khadija A

Everyone is lovely and the mentors are helpful but I’m still trying to carve out a routine. It felt a bit like freshers week except I’m thirty and have imposter syndrome. We got to do mindfulness, poetry and comedy and surprisingly I’m funnier than I thought. Struggled to switch off at night as my mind has been frazzled with ideas and a healthy dose of fear. People have been kind about ideas I’ve felt unsure about and that support has been a refreshing surprise. I haven’t cried yet but I’m sure some heavy criticism will coincide with my menstrual cycle soon. The Town Hall sessions, Brixton and atmosphere have fed me creatively and I’m excited for what’s in store next.

Klaudia M

Wow. What… a… week. I’ve always been drawn to high difficulties, but SCA really brought it. Brought it big. It was not without hurdles. I found it especially difficult to be an online student. Aside from a few tech issues, it is way more crucial to make your voice heard. Not only because you’re just a small window and a buzz on someone’s screen but most importantly because it’s easier to ignore your participation while you’re not physically there. All of the above made me question my place at the school. All I needed were some better experiences to move forwards. I’m ready for another round.

Kat L

Seriously considering hibernating this winter.

Laura H

First week at SCA has me feeling like a bear who’s stumbled out of hibernation into a hard core gym class. A complete change of pace, miles out of my comfort zone but I feel more energised than I have in ages. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Maria Millan

When you receive acrylic paint pens from your school, you know you are on for a good ride. It connects with my inner child and it matches with the rest of my art utensils. Though my work is not in the drawing area. I thought it was nice to be asked to write, after all, words have power, words can shape us as they stick into our brain forming goals, reminding us of our mission, of who we are.

Mariia M

Well, it’s been a week in SCA. I’m quite late because I was postponing writing even a few lines for SCAB.

I guess that happened because of a crazy week.

My 1st day here in London I faced a scam, lost big amount of money on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day… well it was pretty shitty, but fun.

What about classes? Hmm, it was cool, and to be honest… I felt like I’m in sect. Which is pretty fun. I liked it.

But let’s see, what is prepared for us today. Maybe I don’t have to jump to conclusions that fast.

Matilde R

Right. Reader. Prepare yourself for what I’m sure will be an amalgamation of what’s been said before and after me:

1. Imposter syndrome is real. The past four days have shown us that everyone is amazingly talented and deserving of a place at the school. Even so, we’re all scratching our heads, wondering how in the world we got here. If that sounds contradictory, that’s because it is.

2. Gratitude is at an all-time high. We’re all so thankful to have been given this opportunity. To be learning from the fantastic faculty, as well as from each other. To be forming connections with extremely inspiring people who live and breathe creativity. And to be having fun doing it. Life is good.

3. Every single student is so incredibly kind. Both online and in London. “You guys will have to be a family” gained a deeper meaning from the very first brief we were set. I left the school each day with a full heart and a genuine smile on my face, knowing that no matter how competitive it might get, everyone here has each other’s backs. Thanks for all the Photoshop help folks, I wouldn’t have known how to [insert basic Photoshop skill] without you ;).

Moshood B

My first week at the SCA has been interesting for many reasons. I experienced a host of emotions, most of which I haven’t felt for a while. The week was comfort zone busting and for that reason my first week at the SCA was one to remember. Looking forward to more breaking of my comfort zone.

Nina S

Suspicious of how much fun everything is – the corporate walls I’ve built up can’t handle it. My third-eye chakra has been pulsating often while listening to the mentors. Imposter syndrome is very real but I feel very safe in the hands I’m in so let’s gooo!

Obinna I

Excited and the need to step up a bit!

This first week made me feel a lot of things!

Excited: I’m finally stepping into something much closer to what I want to do. How do I know I’m genuinely interested in doing every task and I don’t need to find the cool in it, cause it just is.

A bit worried: Time management is not one of my better one of biggest strengths tbh and I’m going to have to be much, much better at it to do well in this course

Amazed: People are amazing! There is such a high degree of talent in this group of people. This might be a bit of imposter syndrome but I really do hope I can measure up.

And last but not least, not sure the word for this but hmmm(in italics): Do people really make a living from this sort of work?

Odysseus M

First impressions of the SCA…Blimey, what have I gotten myself into! Stand up comedy, poetry, numerous presentations. I usually find it nerve-racking telling a waiter what food I want, let alone performing in front of peers … Despite the very daunting experiences, I have massively enjoyed the new and unfamiliar challenges set and I’m looking forward to seeing how they shape me as a creative over the coming months.

Pascale G

The importance of being early, developing a personal brand, and smashing deadlines. 

My first week at the SCA has been a real wake up call to being present: present to my work ethic and creative urges – but more importantly present to the other creatives around me. Reciprocity has been instilled in us from the start, in developing my personal style in parallel to the work I’ll develop with others. I am so surprised at how genuinely encouraging my peers are – and how accepting the tutors are of nurturing your true creative expression (however extrovert or introvert you are!)

Satisha A

So the morning started with Get the Party Started by Pink. And that’s exactly what happened from there on throughout the week, it was a constant party in my head.

It almost felt like I’ve been strapped into a Formula One car and I didn’t know what twist and turns were coming next. It has been fast and furious but exhilarating and fun what a

welcome to week one.

Shiann S

“It’s better to be a knight in the forest with a blunt sword hacking your way through enemies instead of sitting in your castle and sharpening your sword” a quote I once heard in an anime.

Look at me, universe, I’m no longer sharpening my sword, and that is precisely why it is scary being a student here at SCA! My first week is now over… It has definitely been an experience… I’m still standing though.

When I’m in the class with all the other students, I can’t help but think the worth of us in the room, and how I have found myself in a room with such amazing and interesting creatives. Imposter syndrome is a word I hear a lot and I constantly need to remind myself who I am and what I have to offer too, I’m living in an interesting time in my life right now… Funnily enough as I write this the most dramatic advert for the Burberry Hero perfume came on and perfectly matches the vibe I’m in, I mean this sarcastically and literally.

I’m looking forward to the next year, and grateful to be growing.

Terry E

There’s an alternative timeline somewhere where Terry didn’t get into SCA—and boy, does it s u c k  to be him. There, he isn’t Slack ninjaring and making fun shit on Day One. And loving it, this place feeling like home. Ready to make some magic with this bunch of misfits.

Thais L

I literally understood I was at the right place when the first conference started. I understood that I was not in this school to stupidly learn basic theories or practices. I was there to learn who I was and to reveal my talents to their fullest. This school is there to ask me questions for which I am the only one to have the answer.

Toni-Ann C 

First impressions? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been able to form much of an impression just yet. I guess that’s because it feels like I’m constantly playing catch-up. But I really do appreciate how early on we are being challenged to think and ideate; it’s a great precursor for everything that’s to come. The one thing I am sure of, though, is that it’s gonna be a tough ten months.

Yem A 

Well this is pretty intense! The buzz is certainly real. SCA is full of talent from staff to students. I’m in the right place to develop and network. So exciting for the next 10 months, let’s get it!

Zuza G 

The 10 months ahead of us are going to be a time of discovery, personal challenges and questioning my thinking. I want to remain critical and alert for any path I chose to follow, I want to keep continuing new creative methods and not take anything for granted.

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