Opening the Door to My Creative World – By @nclrolly

Opening the Door to My Creative World 

I’ve heard good stuff about meditating before. In uni, I downloaded headspace, but it was only used at the most stressful times. In SCA, many guest speakers and Marc himself repeatedly reminded how great meditating is, it makes sure we are living in the present. Last week, we did a meditating session when I was expecting a class on how to be a good story-teller. It turned out to be fantastic. It took me to another world to say hello to my unconscious mind. Here is the story of my journey to my creative world 

I was drew it out because it is so beautiful. But owning to my limitations in capability to draw faces, I stopped at after producing my experience seeing the world. 

Many anime settings/scenes popped into my mind during the session: Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sugar Sugar Rune. From the path that leads me to the door of my creative world to the world itself, what I saw was so realistic, like I was really there. 

I was led to finding my creative spirit. I found it. It looked like me, a smaller version of me. It can fly. It has a small body that looks like a genie or tinker bell. It didn’t really say anything but I can tell it has been waiting for me and it has so much faith in me. 

I was given a lovely gift from my spirit – the ability to fly. With the fairy dust, I can fly to anywhere I like. I can observe anyone. This probably intersects with my curious (nosy) mind. 

My creative spirit flew with me for a bit and we went back to the door. ‘How can I see you more often?’ I asked. ‘Just visit.’ Just visit. I wonder if that is a hint to my work style, that I have often been too serious and unable to let myself go to playful child mode? Halfway through the year, I discovered myself experiencing burnouts quite often, as most of my mind (and day) is dedicated to focused thinking. I didn’t really channel my energy to do lateral thinking, or simply, just to have fun. I stopped after the point when I reached a satisfactory SMP, and found it extremely difficult to be carefree and scamp. Just visit. Perhaps, at that moment, I granted myself permission to be a child. 

That evening, I was on the sofa, my uncle and untie beside me watching Master Chef. I felt an urge to record my experience to make sure I never forget that beautiful journey and interaction I had with my creative spirit. I started with pencils, then jumped to using watercolour brushes. It didn’t go well as it was my first time using those brushes. So I drew the journey out using a pencil. And here it is.

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