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By Susan Mcfadzean



Last night, I forgot my trainers on the Tube. The day before I accidentally locked myself in our porch, which anyway, is poorly designed for that to even be possible. Right now, I’m on the third day of trying to locate the small key to unlock my bike which only went missing because I took it off its ring to lend the house keys to a friend who needed a favour. It will turn up in a pocket or a bag I am certain. And I sure hope so because I threw the spares away. Only because I hate clutter and living in a shoe box I was brutal whilst ‘tidying up’ recently. Opps. 

But, thankfully I’m not a worrier : everything usually sorts itself out in the end. And stressing doesn’t solve anything, it only upsets others, and myself. 

So I suppose on one hand I would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on. On the other, I notice if someone ate the yellow skittle out the top right corner of the jar or if the table settings are squint or you didn’t polish your brogues for dinner. You can always tell something about someone by their shoes. I guess I notice stuff. 

[insert bit about me] So far, I have crashed and stumbled through a Photography degree, an Internship and a full time role on a Studio Team in London, all the while holding down a job at a bakery and then a restaurant so I can afford my bills whilst making it harder for myself as I develop expensive taste for sourdough loaves.. you’ll never look at Hovis the same way after tasting a 30% Rye fresh out the oven at 6am. 

Anyway, it’s sure been a busy first 11 months in London! And there was always time to party.. 

Funny, (for me at lest) I only realised my start date at SCA will almost literally mark my first year anniversary here. September 9th 2016 I met my delivery van of belongings at the empheral address that I had found on Spare Rooms, trusted with a direct transfer for a deposit and then proceeded to try to make my teeny tiny room liveable and get to know my 4 ‘fellow’ house mates…. that never happened. But my best friend from Uni did move in after Christmas, and thank god he is here to keep me sane and bitch about our days on our studio teams with a cup of tea at 2am after a late finish… 

I sense I’m getting close to 500.

I haven’t yet started on the reading list, I thought I had ordered Lateral Thinking, it was still in the basket. I’m not entirely sure, but I feel I applied & got accepted late? I sure didn’t attend the day some of you have mentioned in your SCABS.. either way there is no time like the present.. and having handed in my notice in the same meeting I was offered a promotion (maybe this story is for the next SCAB) I have secured myself approximately 21 free days to prepare! 

I was a really good student before. Like, we are talking model student. So pretty sure I’ll get by.

If you want to do a little inside digging, follow me on Insta on @susanmcfadzean 

Ciao !  

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