What’s your favourite D&AD new blood winner?- Group SCAB


Philly: Nature has benefits (National Trust)  because it’s really funny and unexpected. I also love cream teas.


Poppy: Down to Business / Up to No Good for Crowne Plaza. Great insight. Great idea. And fucking great copy.


Sara: I love the Radical Good entry from last year’s Monotype brief. Such a simple concept that sits quite far out of my specialisms, but I think it could genuinely make a difference to the world.


Adeline: Teddy, Frazer and JT’s is to me the best one. With Greg and Tom’s. Just watch both of them. You’ll understand why.


Christian: For me this is the best one: Endangered Soles


Meg: MmHmm – The National Autistic Society This one made me cry last year… but I was pretty drunk.


Ben – I found this while looking through a D&AD annual and experienced what the gays like to call, gaggerini ( National Trust ). In a short example this is what gag means “Oh my god, she walked into the room and we were gagged!”. Gaggerini is the step above gagged.


Gnome: Got to be Joel’s Air BnB Streets. So unexpected, great storytelling and craft.


Petra: The entire website is glitching, so I went for an oldie but goldie Do zero for climate change. Just a really clever idea.


James: London yawn opera


Helena: same one as Meg, the one from the National Autistic Society


Darius: I don’t have one yet.


Rachel: Just need to say that “Endangered Soles” is the best, for me atleast. When I was at Uni, we would look at the winners and this one just always stood out to me. It’s something I’d like to see in real life. Alternatively, the effort put into the style of Up In The Air

makes it a fave.


Becky: “When I’m a Dad”


Henry: A really beautifully shocking way of bringing an idea to life: Respect for animals educational trust


Helena: Such a great idea on how banks can support us by trying to look after more than just our money: Tough love


Susie: I think Air BnB Streets is great.


Steve: Bottles of squash captures nostalgia perfectly and so on brand it hurts a little.


Holly: I thought Remember.ttf was a great and simple idea.


Alysha: Blood red


Jem: I love this one by SCA alumni Lavan and Kiefer, I think it’s super smart and crafted beautifully


Holly: It’s the taking part that counts.


Twyla: Meet Graham


Jonothan: This, is incredible. Stunning, outrageous, stunning. Sewing Needles.


Zoe: Perspectives – simple nicely done.


Dan: Graham too (only yellow?). Also that retro serif ws cool. Also Alex’s Parkinson campaign because I’m a sycophant




Joe: I remember seeing this and just thinking one of them must’ve said ‘yeah but no one gives a fuck’ and their partner being all ‘yeah that’s it!’


If you want to look for more team, here’s the past New Blood Award Winners link.


Melina: I really like the execution on this one  (the National autistic society)


Nick: Mental. Brilliant or awful?



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