If Art Directors Wrote by @grudevaa

Anna Grudeva






By Anna Grudeva

If Art Directors wrote city regulations
the world would have been set on a grid –
All the rows of houses in all the nations
would have been positioned just as they did.
If Art Directors wrote fairly tales of great adventures
so much time would’ve been spent not on the trip
but describing the scenery and even the benches
kids would already be fast asleep.
If Art Directors wrote we would be back
to ancient Egypt and the times of the pharaohs
simply because there would be no
If Art Directors wrote books
            pages would’ve looked
                               so much more
                     to be caught reading
          would have been
     a crime.
If Art Directors wrote the newspapers
everyone would read them
because there would be only headlines.
If Art Directors wrote manuals
there would be no words.
If Art Directors wrote.

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