Weekend Reflection – Let’s Build a Wall – By SCA2Dean

By Marc Lewis


Weekend Reflection – Let’s Build a Wall




This week, the cleaner accidently removed the stars of our sponsors from the steps leading up to the studio. Most of the students noticed.


I wonder how many of them notice that the same old posters have been up on the wall, leftover from long forgotten briefs.


Wouldn’t it be great if some of my students saw this as an opportunity to put the best of their most current work up on those walls?


So that visiting mentors could see great work on their way up to us.


Wouldn’t it be great if students were competing to put their work up on the walls?




A few weeks ago, I introduced the concept of using script writing to help nurture ideas. I am thrilled to see how so many of you have taken to using this creative technique, but I have some concerns that it has come at a price.


I enjoy reading these scripts whenever they get sent to me in Slack.  But I don’t remember seeing too many scamps sent in Slack.


We know that a sign of having a great idea is that we should be able to express it clearly in a simple, clear way.  Rob taught us the art of scamping, showing us how to get our best ideas down onto paper quickly.


Work can only go up on the wall when it’s been committed to paper.




I have a piece of art in my kitchen by a Norwegian artist called Martin Whatson, “Less is More”.   It reminds me that a huge part of the creative process is in the editing.


The problem is that, if we don’t scamp piles and piles of ideas, we have fewer options to choose from in the final presentation of our campaign.


Benefits in putting all of our work up on the wall include that the best work will often stand out, we might start to see patterns in our output, friends are likely to gather round and comment.


It won’t take long to cut the wheat from the chaff, to edit your campaign, but give your work the overnight test anyway. This is where you leave your work up on the wall overnight and then come back into the studio the next day. 

Look to see what work jumps out at you after a fresh night’s sleep.  Things tend to look quite different after a night’s sleep.  If you don’t believe me, check out your latest Tinder date.






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