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Bunmi Akinwale

By Bunmi Akinwale



Reflection blog 1

Sooooo… I’m contemplating about when to quit my job since I’ve got work set to do. I’m still confused about what my passion project is going to be without trying not to sound boring. How do I feel about going back to school, a little confused, have to buy my pens and note pads, whilst getting into the mindset of indulging beneficial information all over again. Right, I do have a few ideas that can be interesting but obviously that’s just based from my opinion.
I’ve still got the 5 and a half more books to buy and started 2 of them I have read or nearly finished reading. It’s been heavily difficult to read especially when the only free time I have are the journey’s to work and getting around London during peak times are practically staring at the armpits of the humans in suits or gasping for air. Well I’ve read the ‘your memory’ book and its been really interesting on how the brain works so what I’ve done is used the techniques from the book and applied it to me so, whilst I’ve done my weekly shopping or picking up guys and trying to memorise how many numbers I can at one time.

Reflection blog 2

August 29
It’s quite hard trying to repositioning my brain especially since it’s be a while since I’ve had to rattle my brain for thoughts. I have a tendency to make my brain wonder and just focusing on just one thing. So I’ve got my head wrapped up on social media (especially on snapchat) just looking at the lives of my fellow humans instead of narrowing my passion project. Focus, Focus! Errrmmm.., I do like expressing myself through what I wear or I see things differently, my happiness is make people laugh, so I’ve decided to make a documentary. How I am going to create it I have no idea. But the spontaneous aspect of it is probably what makes me, me! I’m just going to go with the flow. 
After reading the ‘Positioning’ I’ve decided to go around and see how other ad’s communicate to me. Went from the Westend 
to south London and I just wanted to see whether they cater to different audiences and if I personally care or register to these ad’s. Well I’ve just found Burger King vouchers on the floor so I’m going to sit in there with my note pad and phone and hope for the best for my documentary!

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