First week in London. By @charlenethblt

By Charlène Thibault


First week in London. I needed 2 days to fall in love with this city.

First week in the SCA …

I would never have imagined that a school could work in this way. The classes are totally different from what we find in France and in England, I suppose. The classes are interactive, take out us of our zone of comfort, I have the impression to have learnt more on myself and to pushed my limits, in the 1 week than these last 2 years.

On Thursday, Marc asked us to visit Childhood Museum and Tate Modern. Childhood Museum is little creepy with all these old dolls, it was like we were in the movie Annabelle. Nevertheless, the reflection on the childhood and the creativity, which we found throughout the exhibition, was very interesting.

« inspiration for creativity comes from many different sources. Even the simplest
thing can serve as a springboard for a child’s imagination. Strange looking objets, perhaps from another country, or ones made from unusual materials can provide inspiration for new ideas. Children often look outside their own experience into literature, television, and film, and
use these worlds of fantaisie to inspire their own adventures »

It made me reflect about the fact that, become an adult, we lose this ease to be inspired, so easily by things of the everyday life. I thus try since to be even more attentive and observer, by trying to find the inspiration in the harmless things.

We dedicated our afternoon to Tate Modern, I adored! I was able to find works of 2 of my favorite painters: Dalí and Rothko. It had been several months since I had taken time to visit a museum, and that feels good, to take a deep breath of inspirations.

Only disappointment of this week: my English level. I arrived one week ago rather sure of me and my level, I didn’t imagine how it is tiring to hear, to understand and to have to translate a language other than its mother language.

I didn’t find yet an accommodation, what adds many stress and fatigue to have to visits apartments every evening. (Moreover, you, who read it, if you have plans for a flat near brixton, don’t hesitate to contact me ahah)

Whatever, this week will have been rich in emotion, and learning.
I am looking forward to begin a new week to know where it is going!

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