Food – By @rachelm194

By Rachel Morris




I use food as an emotional crutch (who hasn’t). Just throwing that out there with no explanation because let’s be honest if I had one I’d know why I do it but truth is I don’t.


Which is why one of the things I’d like to do this year is too accept it and help myself. Now that I’ve moved out I have full control over everything I buy to eat. Which means I’ll be doing exactly what I did when I lived in at uni for what was one of the worst years of my educational life (that’s another scab story).


What did I do I hear you ask?


I stopped buying crisp.




You read that right.


I turned my back on them.


I am a crisp queen. I love them, pretty much any flavour I just can’t stop. My downfall, the one thing that never disappoints me is a pack of prawn cocktail. Yum.



* How amazing would it be if walkers sold their seasonings and we could take them and put them on other healthier things? *


Okay I’m sorry, before you give up reading this post I’ll tell you why I’m writing it – I want to change my eating habits. During the first year of uni I had so much more energy and I loved cooking. But when I moved back home and graduated my depression kicked in and I just couldn’t be bothered. I decided I wasn’t good at cooking and just went for whatever because I didn’t care and sometimes I just wouldn’t eat.

So I’ve done a meal plan for 7 days which all involves me cooking. If your name is Sarah or Liam you can’t comment and just please have faith in me. (My cuppa soup risotto will be a thing one day)


This 7 day meal plan will help me to stay on track by eating healthy meals that cost less than a frozen meal from Tesco or Iceland.


I won’t be buying crisp and instead I will have bags of baby carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes prepped in little bags.


I know I have the mindset to do it because I’ve had it before.


So far I’ve made beef and carrot stew, sticky pomegranate chicken, carbonara and crusted cod with judo as verdes all from scratch!


I can’t wait for the rest of the week, and I just hope that I continue this journey once I come back to London for term two. Thank you,

Rachel x


Ps. Here is one of my fave quick and easy things to eat. Don’t knock it till you try it!


Cuppa Soup Risotto-


Get your fave cuppa soup and then a microwaveable rice packet.. pop the rice in the microwave for two minutes and then get the cuppa soup, and a few tbsp of hot water. Mix and add more to make it like a sauce consistency. Then empty the rice into a bowl and pour the cuppa soup on top and stir.


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