For Bernbach’s sake DO NOT DO ADVERTISING!

There are roughly 6 weeks left until Portfolio day. So me and my amazing partner decided to throw away our book and make a new one. From scratch. 

I want to share with you why. So please bear with me, it’s going to be worth it.

I have a confession to make that’s probably going to make me sound like a complete twat – when I go to the cinema I am so excited about the ads before the movie; probably even more than the movie itself. It’s been like this since I moved to Britain and I realised people show ads before the movie. The thing is, I always had the feeling that only the best of the best actually make it to the cinema – much longer, better crafted, usually with great music. 

Until yesterday. 

I was sitting at the Ritzy, watching the ads and ticking boxes off in my mind – Alcohol talking about heritage [x], Alcohol with a famous person [x], Alcohol with heritage AND a famous person (seems like Mila is running out of money since Jupiter Ascending) [x]; 

Automotive [x], Automotive with sharp angles and chrome [x], automotive with a happy family, sharp angles AND chrome (I’m looking at you, Volkswagen Ghostbusters) [x] and so on.

If you look long enough you start to notice a pattern. 

Advert after advert after advert created with a magic formula. 

I think we’re all guilty of that – the magical mantra “print, tvc, radio, digital, white female, 16-24…” chanted over and over again under the dome of AdLand.

F*** T*** S***

I know formulas are sweet. Formulas are easy. Formulas get the job done and keep the client happy. 

Formulas replicate the same exact result every time. 

That’s why we love them. 

Formulas kill creativity.*

I know how hard it is when there is a deadline looming over you, an annoying suit checking on you every other minute, and that annoying pain in your lower back, and the hangover still lingering from that house party two days ago and on and on…

Formulas are the easy way out.

But question is why are we doing advertising? 

Because we’re problem solvers.

So f*** formulas. 

Find a problem. 

Solve it. 

Don’t do the same old, tired advertising.

Go and M.O.S.H.


* Unless you’re talking about process and proper research – they are vital for the creative process to be consistent. 

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