FRIDAY’S REFLECTIONS – By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani




As you know, every Friday evening comes the time of reflections. Each week we have to develop ideas that’ll be shown to the whole class at 5pm.


 Friday’s reflections is the opportunity for me to create videos that can make my peers laugh. I remember the very first reflection I made, it wasn’t really well executed, but as the weeks went by, I challenged myself to do better every Friday.


My very first reflections video was 1’30min, the last one was 4’30min. I try to put in the time every week even though we have loads of briefs coming in. That’s something I really enjoy doing and I’m going to keep making reflections videos until December 21st (our last day as Sup de pub students).


It’s very hard to come up with fresh new ideas every week. I have few methods that give me inspiration:


-Watch Vines compilations

-Keep an eye on things that happen during the week that can be turned into jokes

-Listen to music that can suit the tone of what I want to create.


I see that the expectations are increasing every week and it can be a bit stressful sometimes, but that’s part of the job.


I have such a good feeling when the video starts, people seem to really be into it and it’s always a pleasure to see people laughing and enjoying your work. I feel so pumped up!


I’m trying my best to deliver good content and people reward me with cheers and shouts and I LOVE IT!


I’ll try to include every person in the next 3 reflections left, not an easy task when you know that we’re 50 people, I want our class to be the next Avengers : Infinity War, where all heroes gather in an epic movie.


Stay Tuned



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