#fridaysforfuture – By @Titouanhd

By Camila Alcaraz



On this beautiful, sunny Friday 20 of September we went to the global strike in London.

It was my first strike for the climate although is a cause that I really care about. It was really interesting and inspiring to be surrounded by so many people, gathering for the same unique cause: our future.

But not only were people united in London, but also in United States, in Europe, in Asia, in India and so many other countries and continents. People are committed to the climate, people actually care about what is happening. And knowing that really made me feel peaceful and hopeful.

I also appreciated the creative part of the event. I really enjoyed making my placard, thinking about what should I put on it etc. Then seeing everybody’s placards made me feel even more inspired and creative. But not only from SCA, but also from people in the march. I had a good surprise when I saw than they where so many people with placards and things. I think it made the march even more powerful and interesting.

I really liked this initiative from SCA because it allowed us to be engaged in the protest in our way. I feel like we have to spare our time and put energy in something that matters and it was worth it. I’m keeping really good memories from it and I can’t wait to get engaged even more.

Now that I’ve talk about the positive part of it, let me introduce the dark sides.

First of all Paris.

In fact, as you probably don’t know, in Paris the march for the climate on Friday didn’t go so well.

I was really sad to hear that in Paris, the protest for the climate has been interrupt by 1) violent and extreme people 2) by yellow vests that weren’t supposed to be there 3) by policemen that were given an order to use gas to split the protest. 

I’m sad to see that people have to go to peaceful marches with gas mask.

I’m sad to see that parents get scared and have to flee with their children instead of teaching them what is the fundamental right to protest.

I’m sad to see that we are being shut down by our government instead of being supported.

I’m sad and tired to see that OUR people are messing up OUR city (and country).

I’m tired of seeing my cities burn, broken, damaged by extremists that are meant to be our people.

I’m tired of seeing and feeling a war environment in our country.

During the protest, even the organizations that made up the protest called the protesters to stop the march. What does that mean? From now on are we going to be shut up not only by our government, but also by anarchists, that prevent us from protesting peacefully?

Does it mean that we are going to watch our cities burn and be damaged every week, or every time there is a protest about something?

I wish my french friends could have had a beautiful and sunny Friday 20 of September as I had.


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