Fun Management – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


Fun management 


Last weekend was probably the best weekend since I started SCA, maybe even in the past few years.


I had a somewhat obvious eureka moment. 


Instead of derp around on Netflix and Playstation, I should actually spend my weekend engaging with my many, many hobbies and interests.


From dance to sociology, I remember my diverse set of interests throwing me into a quarter-life crisis.


Questions like ‘who am I’ and ‘what I am I going to do with my life’ overwhelming me into a comatose state.


It wasn’t until I decided to follow my curiosity, that I found advertising as an outlet for all my interests.


Yet here I am, spending my weekends vegetating again for the complete opposite reason. Physical exhaustion.


How curious it is to step back and see that in both physical and emotional lows I ended up retracting, retreating.


Emotionally drained and psychologically battered, it feels counter-intuitive to fill your weekend with activity after the madness of an SCA day.


But I know better. I remember meeting guys who only talked about one thing, be it women their job or whatever. 


They only had one thing. And they could be incredibly insightful and interesting until you tire of the subject and realise this human being has no substance. 


If all I do is advertising, I read, write, draw and sleep with ads. Then where’s the substance, where has DJ gone.


I just realised that there is no future in sight where it gets easier, I have to be the DJ I’ve always wanted to be, now.


So I snuck into a whole day at a dance event, don’t judge me, I’m poor.


I waited hours to see one of the best dancers in the world right now, I had to see if he is as good as he is on video *spoilers* he is.


The next day I combed over two boxes of discount comics. This was a rather laborious task, I’m sure I was there for at least an hour.


To top off my weekend I snuck into an exhibition on secrets and intelligence gathering after a lacklustre dot on driverless cars.


I’m not usually this sneaky… I promise.


And yet I only did half of the things I wanted to do, and certainly none of the things I should have done.


My bestie says that a third of life is the things you love, another third is the preparation and the last consists of the necessary evil.


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