As we near the end of our fond days at SCA, a lot of us are sorting out a website. A portfolio website, showcasing our work, bearing our souls, cementing our digital footprints. This is not a brief, this is proactive. Oh yeah. We are willingly fiddling our way through Javascript and Python or just trusty old Wix (insider website terminology, apologies to those who have lived in a hole). Wix never fails us (shout out to Liv for restoring my faith in Wix). It’s weird how people can have website snobbery. Of all the things. Pixels on a screen. 

We are told that our websites must be different from the rest, but not too different, carefully crafted but not so crafted that you don’t know where to click or look. Maximalism or minimalism? That is the question. I think my heart lies between the two. 

Are you a dark background or a light background kind of person? These are questions you’d never think you’d have to ask yourself. But now they are at the centre of your world. Apparently that choice tells someone a lot about your personality. It’s very complex. And it’s very, very revealing. So be careful when you make these decisions regarding your colour palette. It is the first, first impression you can give someone. 

I could have asked someone to make it for me perhaps. Even paid them real bucks. But I liked the challenge of making something by myself, I thought I would feel more attached to it perhaps. It could have saved me a fair amount of time to just pay someone, thinking about it now. Although I am enjoying it, so I would be reluctant to pass on the baton. I’ve started it now, there’s no going back. Yes. I can do this. We were at a crit the other day when they reassured us that our website doesn’t need to be full of bells and whistles. I felt rather sheepish then, as that very morning I had followed forty-step tutorials to animate moving parts. I made a banner revolve at a shockingly fast pace, and made neon lights flicker and dim. Enough to trigger even the mildest epilepsy. And I don’t regret a single thing. 

When our website is ready to show to the world, the world is going to love it. I’m not linking the address here for that very reason. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too soon. It’s nothing to do with the fact that there is a severe absence of work on it. I can’t help that I’m a perfectionist. It courses through my veins. 


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