Getting Drunk on School Money – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


Getting Drunk on School Money


There’s always a solution to a problem, that’s what we get taught at SCA. You just have to find the problem and then come up with a think outside the box solution that solves the issue.
Some solutions are more controversial than others, but we’re always aiming to try to come up with more original solutions. Solutions that might shock and confuse at first, but then makes perfect sense afterwords.

We, Bea and Suki, had a problem. We got partnered up but didn’t really get together to discuss the brief, it just didn’t feel natural and none of us made an effort.
Marc acknowledge this problem, and presented us with his solution:
‘Here’s £50, don’t come back to SCA until you got drunk together.’

Now, we’re all about original solutions to a problem, but both of us were really baffled by this and didn’t really see how this would help us.
However, this is, in short, how it worked.

It takes 1 pint to learn what things you have in common – where both Swedish.
It takes 2 pints to get into a long discussion on politics – still not too sure if we agree or agree to disagree.
After 3 pints silly and useless ideas on the brief surfaces in the shape of confessions.
After 4 pints the filter of what you tell and don’t tell each other disappears.
5 pints in you learn what the other person is like when drunk.

At 9:00 in the next morning you learn the hard way why you should never ever ever ever EVER drink on a school night. Around mid day you’re self reflecting on the evening you had with each other and try to make sense out of it.
Around 17:00 you give up trying to use your brain to think.

9:30 the following day, when you’re no longer in a zombie state, things start to make sense. So what did we take out of this experience? Did it solve our problems?

In approximately 5 hours we had learnt more about each other than we had in the past 2,5 months, and knowing your partner really helps when coming up with great ideas. It’s too early to say that it has solved what was found to be a problem, however we now have a better understanding of each other and it will be exciting to see what we make out of it.

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