Getting inspiration from giant robots – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


Getting inspiration from giant robots


Hey I reviewed a movie before maybe I’ll do another!


Netflix recently release Pacific Rim on their platform and once again for the 100th I shamelessly watch the robot vs monster spectacular. I owe this movie my pencil as it was the movie playing in the backdrop group while coming up with ideas for D&AD, I’ve used the soundtrack as a way to boost myself to get up in the morning when my depression is at its worst and the art direction and attention to detail within the film gives me creative wood.


The movie synopsis is basically humanity creating giant robots with big fuck off swords to defend humanity from an alien invasion under the pacific ocean it’s directed by Guillermo Del Toro who I’m currently marathoning all of his past movies. I adore this film, cheesy, fun and has nice moral of the power of friendship and family. At first glance at the movie it doesn’t looks like an artsy movie worthy of an Oscar but boy does the movie really play with the feeling weight and scale. I squeal like a kid when I see the big robot slaps the big mean monster with a big fuck off ship they picked up. I’m a big sucker for the mix of animation and practical within the movie, I always feel it elevated movies which used them well, there is scene in the where a robots punches a building and it transitions to miniature office set to highlight scale for a little gag. I love coming back and combing through all nick nacks that play in background, not to mention all the small references which inspired the movie itself (anime, mecha and Godzilla). I always feel inspired and pump after watching the film.


A good movie always need to have a ost which I play in the background of my life, which the film

Does have it’s main soundtrack which is an absolute banger, it’s my preferred scamping music as I always feel like I’ve done more after a quick session with that playing in the background. Perhaps I’ll list my favourite soundtracks from different media since I feel they’re great for scamping.


I still have an old poster from back when it came out in the cinemas and to advertise the film they made a website where you could create your own giant robot and could name them and what country they were based, it then turns it into a cool poster you can print out later. There is a scene in the intro of movie where it’s meant to allow the audience to insert the creations into the movie. I always like when advertising create ways for users to personalise their experience with the product, It doesn’t feel show and tell but more show me and involve me which I think is always an effective way to advertise.


Wow I somehow found a way to insert advertising into this scab. Amazing!


5/5 – I would totally recommend if only if you want to watch a dumb well made monster flick.

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