Getting Personal – By @G_Medford

By Christopher Medford

Getting Personal


After my last book critique and being told that my work doesn’t carry any of my personality. I was quite deeply offended, and I feel I must clear things up before I continue. First of all, I am the biggest atheist you will ever meet. I do not agree with religion and I will always be the first person to question why anyone believes the foolishness that they believe. But I do have to stress being a member of the Afro-Caribbean society, the church is the centre of our community and we use it as a place to link up for weddings, christenings and funerals. And come on the food is good.

Next thing I would to stress is a part of my me is that I love cars. Doesn’t matter what, where, when if it’s got four wheels and a propulsion system I am interested. I’ve been a car fanatic from a early age and if I had to make car adverts for the rest of my life I would die a happy man. Literally nothing else except my PlayStation gives me as much joy as cars do. There’s something about burning rubber triggering the primitive part of my brain that I am just hooked on.

Now everyone within the School of communication knows me as the guy that does all the street art graffiti, but because this is the thing that I do. I tend not to do anything like that in the work I produce, it’s the weird thing about stereotypes – just because it’s the thing that I do, surely all my work can’t be in that style. I can’t be drawing up adverts for Jaguar Land Rover like that, it just wouldn’t be the right tone of voice.

Hopefully that clears things up.

Now that I have a found a good partner, that likes the style of work I produce; we can hopefully put together and even better book then the one we did last time. The mistakes in the last version of our book were caused by trying to work on each other’s previous projects and trying to improve on them instead of picking out new briefs and creating campaigns from the ground up. We both have complimentary styles, skills and traits that need to exercised in the right way. so that both of our personalities and shine through and make us an unstoppable advertising behemoth/leviathan. That’s the aim and highly difficult but we must stay positive to keep our sanity within this gauntlet of an advertising school. I have nothing but upmost respect for the process.

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