GG – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin





Oh gosh this is the last week of SCA something I didn’t think would even be possible, seeing how this ride felt never ending. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year, to be honest I thought I would spend the rest of my days scamping and crafting until Ian is finally happy with me. Surreal?! 


I’m trying to find things to say for this final scab because I’m not normally good at signing, usually just vanishing into the night with nothing more promise of beers that never come. I am having flashbacks of when I first wrote my scab and breaking out into a cold sweat. Not much has changed since then, I still go blank when I have to write one of these. A lot of the other students have written some emotional stuff but compared to that, this will only produce half a tear. 


This year was the most hectic year I’ve ever had, from reading a book, scamping, to stand up comedy, to meeting my creative partner and his spicy mother. A lot has happened and I feel like I became a better person from it in some shape or form. Although now that sca is almost over I know I’m going to have constant anxiety about placements and money to look after the family, which also means the opportunity of self expression is finally over and it’s back to full time mothering and internalising every problem I ever had. Well it was nice while it lasted. 


I think me and Tarun have found our voice within our work, something based around human truths such as people being scared of going to the cinema alone or chewing gum being great for memory, here’s hoping the quality ideas keep on coming. I like to think our work could do some good with beautiful words and decent art direction. I also feel I picked up some good habits which have better improve my mental health, even if there is still a long way to go on that front, but I do think I would never have the courage to pursue this without SCA, although I do dread spending more time with the family now this is almost over.  


I should give some advice before I leave, I guess. I would say trying to let loose and be yourself because that will help you find your voice and also your partner a lot faster than you think, try to go to the pub early on too, it really helps getting better integrated into you cohort but also just be a nice person. No likes an ego here. 


Is that it? Who knows, who cares since I don’t need to write these anymore but the last one always seems the hardest to finish and that’s now done. I guess I’ll be seeing some of you when eventually fuck this all up and resort to begging on the streets of Brixton but hey, you can always go outside of the church for a free crit in my cardboard house with me. 


Signing off! 



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