Is it destiny? – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores


Is it destiny?

I’m not the kind of person who believes in destiny.

Actually, I don’t believe in a lot of things: I’m neither religious nor superstitious nor spiritual. When somebody told me about a fact that doesn’t seem credible, I usually check if it’s true. I only believe what I can see with my own eyes. It doesn’t mean that I’m a negative person with no faith. I just think that what happens in our lives is due to work and luck, and that even luck must be provoked.

I tried yoga few months ago and the session was about listening to your instinct. I was a bit sceptical about the concept of “instinct”. Nobody can really explain what it is and it sounded a bit too abstract to me. So the teacher started talking about what she thinks instinct is and I was surprised that her definition was far from a sort of magic bizarre thing. It’s just a feeling. Actually, I realised we do have it, and I already experienced it lots of times in different situations. It helps us to make the right decisions, the ones that are good for ourselves, our health and body. It is nothing to do with magic, it’s just our brain. I learned how to listen to myself and it’s really helpful to make decisions and feel good about it. It’s like when you are in a restaurant and you hesitate between two plates for too long: just take the first one you wanted.

Something sad happened today. Jennifer had to leave. And while I was sad and feeling bad for her, she told me that she was alright, because what happened was because of destiny. I used to think that people who believe in destiny were just looking for something to reassure themselves. Today I thought that it was an incredibly positive and encouraging way to see and accept the situation. I’m gonna miss her, because I believe in friendship.

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