Go big and small or small and big – by @Goodworkmyboy

Søren Birk

By Søren Birk


Go big and small or small and big


With only 72 days left at SCA there is no time to waste. Before we know it we will become fully fledged citizens of adland. 72 days doesn’t sounds like a lot and with the workload piling up, time is going quick. I already feel ready to get a good job, at a good agency. I know I need to prove that I’m better than other junior creatives out there and take their jobs. All I need now is a great book.


Go big and small or small and big

The big question is, what should I aim for? Should I go for the big agencies where I have to start with small briefs and it is a harder to make it to the top. Or should I go for the smaller agencies where I could get more opportunities. The reason I left Denmark was to work on the biggest and the best campaigns, so whether the agency big or small, I am just going to follow my dreams.


Is the agency name and credentials important?

Most of my fellow students are not bothered by what agency they will work at, just as long as they are allowed to do great work. I don’t agree with that, because the agencies dictate who the clients and creatives are as well as the working environment. Isn’t that why BBH and WK are so popular?


People don’t just hire books. They hire people.

A good book will only get you so far. As we keep hearing, people hire people and that’s why personality, energy and a good mood are crucial for getting that first job or placement. It’s also important for me to find the right people to work with. So I can find inspiration and learn from a great creatives.

I am ready more than ever to create great work, so agencies better watch out.

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