Going over the top – By Max Lom-Bor

By Max Lom-Bor



Going over the top

Serving a second term in the war zone.
Know thy client enemy. They will get stronger over time as they gain more intelligence. They will be overseeing the battleground and will make brash decisions if they come under fire. Show them no remorse if your assured your fighting for the right cause but heed warning that your life could be resting in their hands. 
Every move you make will have to be defended. Make sure you’re equipped with an impassable shield of research and credibility. In this war, attack is never the best form of defence. Intelligence is everything, and without it you will undoubtedly be exposed. Your armour is only as protective as the papers you present. Your marker is your noble negotiator. Use it wisely to lull the enemy into a sense of full security.
Beware of the generals. War is often old men talking and young men dying. Be prepared to fall into rank when the situation requires it, in the knowledge that they were once privates too. Their experience should serve as a reminder that they have had to make unfathomably difficult decisions before. Some may be plagued by memories of the past, blinded by previous victories and likely to commit men to the wrong cause. But they were brave once, and you must be now. Trust in their wisdom.
Should you falter, seek refuge in the ones you love, seek shelter when the job is done.
War can be a terrifying place, stay vigilant, pick your battles. Many have gone on to die before you. You cannot dwell on the past if you are to look forward, into the mist.
Your insight is your secret weapon, providing it has been primed and is aiming directly at the correct target. Your proposition, your battle cry. When the troops align and stand as one, scream it at the top of your lungs and beat your chest.
You’ll need to be strategic. Make plans to make plans. The decades of sneaking behind enemy lines and invading unchartered territory have long since passed. Surveillance nowadays is simply too vast. Remember why you signed up for this, enlisting was never mandatory. You’re here to serve. And rise up the ranks. 
Command may seem a distant virtue, but medals will come. When your dragging your boots through the mud, keep your head held high.
Remember, we join in war so that we may one day live in peace. 
Oh, I’ve been doing an army brief by the way.

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