The Brexit of the perspective of a young creative. By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


The Brexit of the perspective of a young creative.

Today, I will reflect on the Brexit out of the perspective of a German creative living in London. There are way more arguments for and against the Brexit, but I thought I would try to give one example from my own perspective. 
In 2009 after working for a few years in Germany as a product designer, graphic designer and engineer I moved to Maastricht (NL) to start my studies in visual communications – graphic design. 
During my time in the Netherlands I lived together with students of nearly every country of the EU- member states and experienced on how the EU helped me and a lot of other students to create a lot of opportunities to boost our careers.  
I moved to the Netherlands because of the education system, which is internationally well recognised and in my opinion more efficient than the German system. 
(University of Maastricht ranks 14th in the Times Higher Education Top 100 Most International Universities in the World (2016)
The first advantage of studying in the EU is that EU students pay the same student fees (at least in the Netherlands).  
A lot of UK students use this privilege to study internationally in courses like:
  • Arts&Culture
  • International Law
  • International Business 
  • Health Science
  • Communications 
because the student fees are much lower in the Netherlands than in the UK. 
Even the worlds leading Universities like Havard, Oxford and Cambridge stand for a high education in the UK, the Maastricht University creates an affordable alternative for students who can’t afford the high student fees and living costs in the UK. 
In my opinion the success of the University of Maastricht relates to it’s liberal, open education system that works closely together with the Institutions of the European Union. It makes it really easy to
– register as a citizen,
– regulate health care insurance 
– student support/payment 
– join erasmus exchange programmes
– and even creates a lot of student jobs.  
With this system the Maastricht University creates a really good education system that not only benefits UK students but also students from economical weaker countries like Greece, Poland and the baltic states etc..
These are all important factors which are all essential for the success of educational development in whole Europe (Not only France, Great Britain and Germany!). 
I am pretty sure that without the international work & study environment on a EU- level, I would have never started my course at the SCA (one of the leading schools for communication worldwide.)
I think that the Brexit would create more boundaries than opportunities for young students and professionals, who would like to study and work in an international environment.
A lot of people mainly see the EU as an economical network of powerful lobbyists but forget the opportunities it creates especially for the young generation like me.

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