Bollocked – By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak



Working late everyday until we finish what we set as a goal.
Go the extra mile with every brief we are given.
Seeing opportunity in every conversation with mentors.
Master time management so we get things done and occasionally enjoy some free time.
Be hungry of insights on the bus, on the streets or family dinner.
Everyday opening cans, bottles, wrappers and looking for new SMPs.
Win at least one pencil and pick some other trophies on the way.
Get placements before we finish.
These are things we could be doing and we actually were suggested to do in last few months…
But we didn’t.
By Marc.
Two times. 
In one day.
Having amazing founders of It’s Nice That in the studio this morning, made today a perfect day for Marc spilling his anger over our laziness on us. 
Guys from Brighton started doing what they enjoyed doing, kept doing it because they felt it is what they want to do and later somehow got a bit lucky and turned this into a business. 
They made their own luck.
Loving their attitude and story I found myself in the approach they have taken.
I did make my own luck until I came to school. Fining and doing stuff I felt interested in was something I practiced on everyday basis. Those projects turned into good contacts and contacts turned into projects, jobs and money!
SCA was just one of those projects which turned into more than that.
But honestly said, being at school for last few months I already felt like a winner and I guess I took placements and jobs in the end of the year as granted. All the confidence about winning awards and being the best intake Marc shared with us made believe into idea of getting something good out of it anyway.
I guess it’s time to change the perspective. 
It’s not SCA with me, but me who just happens to study at SCA. 
We have a portfolio to fill if I don’t want this SCAB to be my last one.

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