The Zagreb Epiphany – By @HFoenander

Henry Foenander

By Henry Foenander


The Zagreb Epiphany

I am currently waiting in Zagreb train station.  My girlfriend is asking me what I am writing about.  I keep saying I don’t know yet. She asks what I would like to write about,  I say rainbows sarcastically.
She takes it seriously and is excited to read about rainbows. And now she’s going to moan at me if I don’t write about rainbows,  so here goes…ffs.
The thing about rainbows is that they look pretty from a distance. You see lots of happy colours, and magical slopes soaring through the sky,  but then you get closer and realise it’s pissing it down and you were so mesmerised by the colours you forgot an umbrella. 
This mirrors how I’m feeling about SCA. A few months ago it looked like a bundle of cuddles and happiness.  Now it’s scary. Really scary.  This Will be a tough year,  I’ll have to work harder than ever before,  I’ll have to pull my socks up as high as they go. And I’ll probably have to spend less time playing Pokemon go.  
But to continue the rainbow analogy,  even if it’s wet and scary, there’s definitely going to be a pot of gold at the end of the journey.  And although it’s daunting,  I’m definitely looking forward to standing under that rainbow with everyone.  
To my classmates, looking forward to meeting everyone, hope you all have a great end to your summers. And let’s smash this year. 
Love Hen 

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