Cream #inyourface – By @christinems_

Christine SmithRobyn FrostNaomi Taylor

By Christine Smith, Robyn Frost and Naomi Taylor


Cream #inyourface 


On Thursday, when visiting agencies, we were advised to not take “no” for an answer. We were also told, “if you don’t ask you don’t get”. 

Hours later, we put this into practice. Conveniently, Marc told us there were a limited number of tickets to Cream, this year hosted by Ogilvy & Mather. With a brand spanking new FANCY office on the South Bank, the promise of rubbing shoulders with everyone you wanna know in industry, and guaranteed great chat with SCA alumni, we had to be there. But only a few people, chosen by him, would be going. It sadly wouldn’t be us.

We said, “f@*k that”. 

And we went to Cream.

That’s what it’s all about right? Just do it. 

SCA, once again, is school of the year! Flippin’ fantastic. So why should 33 of this year’s intake not turn out to celebrate the winners? (many of whom were SCA, FYI). Mmhm. This was something everyone at SCA should experience! And one of the greatest industry events in the Adland calendar? We understand there might be a space limit… but Ogilvy have just set up camp in Sea Containers House – all 13 floors. The square footage is anyone’s guess, but we’d more than squeeze in. 

We were so excited (Christine particularly!) that the biggest number of Cream winners were either from SCA or Denmark. Congrats! 

So, we phoned AND e-mailed The Talent Business and asked for tickets. Nope. Then, we emailed Marc. No reply. A test? Probably… there was nothing left to do but turn up and blag our way in. After all, we’re hungry, enterprising, and set ourselves a goal. Our goal today was to be at Cream 2016. We even got it down in our journals. 

We’re psyched to say we got in.

This proves that no matter how exclusive the event, no matter how many ECDs have RSVPd – you can get in. The same goes for agencies. Actually, for all of your goals.

Just remember the right attitude – to be polite, interested and curious. So, next intake – everyone should have the opportunity to attend – at least for the inspiration and motivation, on the list or not. You only get what you ask for. 

We didn’t work so bloody hard to get into this school to take “no” for answer. SCA breeds the unstoppable.

Christine, Robyn & Naomi

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