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By Rachel Morris


So the last few weeks have been jam-packed, so here are 10 things I’ve learned & believe will benefit others.

  1. Get some really good pens, you’re about to fill a full notebook within the first 2 months if you’re smart.
  2. Buy some super cheap coffee along with coffee whitener. You’ll need it, especially if you’re coming straight from University. Also, people like to steal milk.
  3. Get a bloody planner. A simple week to day one will help you so much. There’s a lot to remember.
  4. Someone asked me who the star of the class was. Don’t concern yourself with this shit at the beginning. You do you, not what you think other people are. As David Ogilvy said “find what others are doing and do the exact opposite”
  5. Don’t tell yourself that it’s stressful or that the work is too much because then you’ll start to believe it and it’s only the beginning.
  6. We are only here once (exceptions apply) so work to YOUR best and enjoy it.
  7. “Don’t take it too personally” is something people say all the time. But for me, that’s a little too broad. In terms of constructive criticism on work, when a mentor doesn’t like it it doesn’t mean they don’t like you or that you are crap.
  8. People have favorites and you’ll have yours.
  9. Things change & they change fast. Just remember that.
  10. Don’t neglect life outside of SCA, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Please note: These 10 points are from a student 9 weeks in.

Thank you,

Rachel x

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