Resolutions by MOSH







By Alex Pugh



1. (Re)connect with my physical self. That means more (?!) sex, more exercise, better quality and more variety of food, touching things more, smelling things more, less booze etc., more dancing, better sleep hygiene and managing chronic health conditions better.

2. Do it for the dollar. Continue drawing motivational dollar signs in the condensation on the shower cubicle wall. Do whatever it takes to start earning some serious cashish.

3. Reach out to people more. Make the first move. Don’t expect people to come to me i.e. take a more active role in shaping my destiny.

4. Learn to play poker to a reasonable level. See 2.


  1. Make it happen with Lawrence
  2. Make it last
  3. Make Nina AND LUCY maid of honour, thank you
  4. Realise the error of my ways and divorce Lawrence to marry Pugh
  5. Marry Pugh
  6. And love him forever… amen
  7. Happily Ever After. The End. Shiboom. Done. Signed, sealed delivered.


  1. Propose to Georgia
  2. This time make it legal
  3. Make love for the first time
  4. Enjoy it
  5. Make children with G
  6. Become a chef


  1. Make it happen with Lawrence
  2. Make it last
  3. Make Georgia AND LUCY maid of honour –
  4. Give LUCY all my money (99 pence) bitch please, £1,0000000000

Lucy Baker

  1. Make it happen with Lawrence
  2. Make it last
  3. Make Georgia and Nina maid of honours

anything for you luce. 😉 😉 😉


  1. Learn to play ukulele to stop annoying people in the studio
  2. Selling more, dying less


Try a McRib

Clarissa Dale

Try to get all of my waste fluids into the appropriate receptacles. Not to just walk on down to the pit in front of the stage, drop trou in front of all the class and the guest speaker, and just let loose. Those floorboards down there are getting all warped outta shape, ya get me? xxx


Speak quieter


Stop being grumpy. GET TAE FUCK. Admit that im second best at football.S


I have no idea what I’m doing and I’ll probably keep on doing it because it’s waaay more fun than watching my plans fall through


Get better at SMPs.


Read more advertising books… or just read more in general.. so read more advertising books in general.


Commit to stuff.

Tom M

  1. Lose weight
  2. Cut down on my drinking
  3. Steer clear of clichés


Give up the booze and fags obv.


Be more confident and work hard.


1. Sleep earlier, use my mornings better.

2. Drink less Baileys

Tom E-B

1)Work harder. (the whole ‘hard work over raw talent’ is now my mantra, I recite it when i put off sleeping to write copy about tampons)

2) Get stronger. I feel like towards the end of last term I had colds for about 7 weeks in a row. I want to do more exercise and eat healthier (unfortunately that means attempting to GIVE UP SUGAR, my one true love)

3) Be Better. At football. At photoshop. At copywriting. At time management. AT LIFE


1)  Collect more dots

2) Learn to play the Trombone

3)Try more food

4) Don’t be a grumpy c*nt



1. Work damn hard and make it happen

2. Enjoy the ride

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