September 11th 2019 – By @Titouanhd

By Camila Alcaraz



September 11th 2019


First week in London, the third day of school, second day in SCA. My head is literally blowing up!

I had so much to process. Like, way more than I’ve ever done the past year, and trust me I didn’t expect it, neither see it coming. 

Honestly, I thought coming to London by myself, finding an apartment, doing all the paperwork alone, was the hardest thing I’d have to do. Because I’ve always had easy or at least not insurmountable school experiences, I thought that this time it wouldn’t be different. But I wasn’t even close to the reality. Honestly, right now I’m like totally messed up! I literally have so many things in my mind to digest than the better way to get by is to write everything down. 

However, the positive thing is that I’m less messed up than yesterday. And hopefully, I’ll be less messy tomorrow. And so on…

I take it as a new challenge to win and succeed. I know that whatever happens, I’m going to learn way more in those few months than in most of my higher education classes. 

Now that I’ve expressed my actual status, let me talk more about what I feel about the classes and the school itself. 

The first impression I got when I walked in the room was that everyone knew everyone. Like, everybody was talking and seemed to know each other. Now I figured out that it wasn’t, obviously. Seeing it from a foreign side, at least from my point of view, I find it very surprising to see how easily my classmates got to talk to each other right away, and start a conversation so relaxed. That the first thing I learned that day. And trust me or not it was truly interesting. 


The other thing that caught my eyes immediately was the way the class was given by Marc. And whole SCA pedagogy. 


The two last days -as I said- were quite overwhelming and disruptive. Mostly because I have to get used to the British accent and how fast you guys talk and interact with each other. But also because I will have to forget around 19 years of french education and all the limitations that it imposed. 


That’s why SCA’s pedagogy is literally destructive and disruptive. 


I know that my thoughts might seem negative and anxious, but I want you to feel my excitement though. The joy and hope that this new challenge makes me feel. 

Before starting this new adventure I was already excited and expecting a lot. But now I’m like way more excited and I know that from now on, I’m going to wake up every morning expecting a breathtaking day. ✌?



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