Thank You and Goodbye

I have the pleasure of writing potentially the last SCAB of Honey’s year at SCA. I say potentially because it’s not technically the last, but the final two on the rota are from Oscar and Pascaline so we all know we’re not seeing them. So I’m calling this the last SCAB of the year.

I thought I’d use this SCABs to practice some gratitude. It’s something we’re taught in Week One by Marc, something that he practices every day, and something I know I should practice more. Well you know what they say: end as you mean to go on.


Gazza. I’m grateful to Gazza for helping me express myself and my ideas visually. Before the start of this year I thought mostly in words, because I didn’t know how to show my ideas visually or artistically. Even more so, I didn’t back myself to. Gary almost exclusively expresses himself visually, and encourages us all to do the same. From speaking to Gary throughout the year, this is something I’ve got much better at, and I’m very grateful for that. 


I first met Ian in the Adobe Illustrator workshop before school started. I had never so much as opened any Adobe software other than Premiere Pro before this year, so I was absolutely bricking it for that workshop. What if they realise I’m not creative before we’ve even started? Some (not all) of those negative nancy thoughts were eliminated by the end of this day, and I specifically remember Ian patting me on the shoulder and saying “you’ve done well today.” That meant a heck of a lot to me. I’m so grateful for everything Ian has taught us this year. I can now confidently open most Adobe software (except After Effects, never that) and know what I’m doing, and I’d like to think I reciprocated by always using the templates and the grid.

Rob (mentor, not just self-gratitude)

Beyond just being hilarious and a generally great bloke, I feel like Rob really gets what SCA students are going through during the year. He’s realistic and encouraging with his feedback and always sees the good in our work. His lessons on photography and cinematography were always engaging and informative, and we wouldn’t have known where to start on presenting a case study video without him. Rob’s always supportive of our more ludicrous ideas too, a true bastion of outrageous, controversial advertising.


Pete was one of the mentors we met with most throughout the year. Always interested in the thought behind an idea, and if the idea was good he’d help you find the right direction for it. Pete gave up time on his weekends to help us during D&AD which meant a lot, and pushed me further than I thought I could go. 


Our other strategy mentor throughout the year. His masterclasses were invaluable as we were brought into the world of advertising. He taught us to think in triangles, everything is a triangle, and was always a useful sounding board for when you’re just going down a misled, misinformed, mistaken rabbit hole of an idea. 


Caz’s passion for good writing is infectious. From her first masterclass which had Nesu doing sit-ups for about 10 minutes, her wonderfully bonkers nature was revealed. Caz has helped my writing to come along a lot throughout the year (don’t judge it on this SCAB though, I’m currently sat on the floor of a busy train so hardly in pure focus), teaching me how to use specificity to improve my writing and to not use puns, also to improve my writing.

Throughout D&AD Caz gave up so much time to help improve my copy, and I will take everything she’s taught us into the rest of my career.


Richard is another mentor who has given up time on weekends and evenings to help us. Late night email responses during D&AD and One Show, and a Sunday Zoom call before portfolio day. His commitment to helping young people entering the world of advertising is impeccable. His sense of humour and positive outlook are an inspiration. I was an admirer of Richard’s ads, especially Honda, before I even met the bloke, and that admiration has only grown. I doff my cap to you sir.

All the mentors

Okay this SCAB is getting too long already to go through every single mentor in detail. SCA has too many great mentors. Please don’t take this as less gratitude, but a thanks to the following mentors who I saw slightly less of throughout the year:

Alan: His first photography class with us in Week One was brilliant, and he was always a big supporter of Liv and me throughout the year. Priceless feedback always, and a top man.

Jay: gave us a great opportunity to work on a live brief through his agency, and gave some great masterclasses.

Thiago: Such a good character to have in the building. Helped us see ideas that we couldn’t even see ourselves.

Mr Cee: So grateful for the opportunity to perform live comedy, and for his training.

Alex T: Alex is an inspiration. Her classes were always brilliant, and she especially helped Fred and me on a very tricky brief we gave ourselves once.

Rosie: I loved Rosie’s classes when she came in, and felt privileged to have a book crit with one of the greats.

Rebecca: Always gave amazing feedback on our portfolios, and was always happy to help during school.

Deanne: Loved her lesson on spoken word at the start of the course. Gave some tips that I’ll definitely take forward.

I know I will have forgotten some, sorry for that. I’m grateful to all our mentors throughout the year who have helped us. It’s a brilliant faculty.


I am definitely grateful to Shannon for so much. Beyond just being an absolute legend, she helps to make everything in the school work. She organises us, rallies the troops, helps us meet deadlines, raises morale. The lot. Thank you Shannon, and we will all miss you.


Grateful to Marcia for helping us get out into the real world. Connecting us with agencies, the oracle for all emails of creative directors we should be reaching out to. Especially grateful for her help on portfolio day!


The pastoral mum of the cohort. Max has been a great help throughout the year, always offering an ear when people have needed someone to talk to. She was also integral to the planning of an operation of our Christmas and end of year parties, which is invaluable.


There was so much behind the scenes that Lou was doing to help us this year. Connecting with agencies, building relationships, getting guest speakers in. She also helped to get our topicals out throughout the year on social media, which was always rewarding. 


Grateful for my fellow students. This year has been a blast. It’s been the last year of my 20s but it’s felt like the first with these guys. We’ve been increidbly supportive of each other all year, have bonded through suffering. I’ve loved hanging out with everyone, but Fred more than everyone else. Love you Fred.


Incomparably grateful to Marc for letting me into SCA. When I applied to SCA I thought it was a pipedream, but he gave me a chance and has changed my life forever. He’s worked us like dogs but all with our best interests at heart, and he’s given tough love where needed. Thank you for re-opening this school and giving me one of the best years of my life.

Thank you, and goodbye.

Rob x


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