What an Art Director can do when they have to write like a Copywriter

Even though I was in literature in high school, writing has never been my beloved one. I spent 3 years without writing anything not even a journal, I’m an Art Direction student, what I learned is visualizing and showing what the copy writer does, writing, write, ✍️.

But hey! I have the chance to study at SCA, we cannot be welcomed with a glass of Prosecco at 9 am on the first day of school just for being cute but for working harder than ever. No pain no gain. I guess this is the main challenge of the course, expressed with my words here.

I mean I don’t know if it’s because I’m not from England but this was the first time I had homework, even when school hadn’t started yet. I found it nice, reading books on transport whenever I had free time, trying to follow podcasts with British people and their thick accents. That was fun.

We even had to create an image, even make a video from A to Z, nice! Tbh sorry Marc I didn’t send my video, as I was not happy enough to show it. And it brings to another point I wanted to say, my big wish is to get rid of my impostor syndrome, and be free of those little things that block me from doing what I want to do.

That leads me to another point, in just two days at the school I already feel I’m more open to people, is it me or do British people always smile at each other? Maybe it’s the French who are often grumpy or is it maybe the delightful London weather? —I’m currently investigating that — on day 2 at school my dopamine had never been this level of high and I thank you for that.

Excitement, that is the word that describes how I’m feeling since I received my first email from SCA to right now. Excited to learn, to create, to share, to work, to show, to grow up. I don’t know how I will feel next week but I’m surely sure I’ll be working hard to be proud of myself and smashing my fears.

Tomorrow is day 3 and I’m excited but also not that much as I have to finish this SCAB, my first blog, ever. By the way I feel like Carrie Bradshaw, and just like that I can say I’m still cute and I have finally written my first SCAB, on time.


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