You’re a hero, not a fraud. By @gnomeegnome

Naomi Taylor

By Naomi Taylor


You’re a hero, not a fraud.

There comes a point at SCA where you feel that you aren’t any good or that you are not progressing, I’m sure that resonates with everyone in and out of advertising.

I’m sure you or someone you know has been the culprit of ‘I could have done that’ or ‘A 5 year old could do better than that’ when looking at a famous artwork, design or advertisement. 

So I say this…

Why do people look for the wrong in something that turned out alright. In general you are not the target audience and never for a piece of art. Art is created as an expression of ones self, not for anyone else. Yes SCA makes you better through ‘constructive’ criticism but they know what they’re talking about most of the time.

Stop being made to feel like a fraud from people that have no experience in your skill. They like to think they know but they don’t, so don’t let them grind you down, because at the end of the day they are not you.

You’re a hero, not a fraud.

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