Reflections on our first brief: By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


Reflections on our first brief:

Becci – Always remember to SUCCES check your idea first!
Bea – Your work will always be the effort you put into it, don’t trip on the finish line because of poor time management.
Ben G – Don’t put lots of good ideas into your work, concentrate on having just the one otherwise it just becomes a bunch of thoughts tied together with a logo.
Matt B – Explain the story simply and explicitly – make it one people will want to scream about.
Nick L – Experience the product.
Zac – Don’t get lost in situation exploration. Decide on your strategy and go for ideas.
Laura – Tell a story.
Chloe – All ’bout dat strategy. Make sure your executions have the same message.
Ethan – If it’s a quickie it ain’t sticky.
Seb – Do lots of bloody research. Something good will come of it. Probably. Hopefully.
Larry – It’s all about the idea. But make sure it’s a good idea.
Sam – Prepare for presentations.
Orla – Feed nick k or he gets grumpy.
Ben T – Blue hat is key.
Federica – Improv is the answer.
Tomas – 
Believe in your idea

When you work
Believe in your idea 
When you present it 
The idea can flow
The idea can crash
Become your idea

Blaž – At one point you have to execute the idea.
Adriano – Don’t stop.
Rhiannon – Have confidence in yourself.
Alicia – Don’t forget to have fun.
Katy – Don’t forget what got you here – don’t forget to put that into your work.
Nihal – Nail what you wanna say before jumping to how you’re gonna say it.
Nick K – Set your own deadline before the official deadline to push yourself harder.
Alex – Leave time for artworking — a great idea badly executed isn’t good!
Nadia – Research. Strategise. Fantasise. Execute. Over and over.
Angus – Time management.
Dennis – Teamwork.
Owen – Go with your gut.
Drew – Don’t leave the presentation to the last minute.
Sokaina – Sell your idea like Wesley Snipes auditioning for Blade. No matter how shitty.

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