SCA: a risk? By @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt


SCA: a risk?


It’s hard to know what to do with your life.


Generally the people interested in this school are ambitious.


And for the ambitious, a year is a long time to dedicate yourself to a risk.


That’s what I thought. Maybe what you think.


Revelation: SCA is not a risk.


I’m the risk. You’re the risk.


The interview process gets rid of those without the potential.


And then it’s up to effort, hours and passion.


Your effort, hours and passion.


Mentors give their’s.


Marc, our Dean certainly gives his.


Forget talent. You’re lucky if you have it.


While hard work might not immediately make you best art-director or writer, it will prepare you for so much more.


Hard work beats talent.


And the best ECDs know that.


Do you hire the guy who made a great visual in a minute. Or do you hire the girl who didn’t stop until she nailed it?


Some say you never leave the SCA.

That’s the power of family.


The power of going through this process as a team.


It’s people that make this place great.


Dedicated together, to making great work and creating a brilliant future.


So if you want to matter.


If you want your work to matter.


If the future matters to you and you’ll fight for it:


You’re in the right place.

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