Grave Advertising, by @moshSCA2






By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


The Gods of advertising are making you put an endline on your gravestone, what’s it gonna be?’

Frazer: I’m behind you.


Nathan: The End.
Dounia: Brand New, Black Granite Memorial Headstone. 80 Letters (Any colors you like). Shipping anywhere in England and Wales. £877 incl. VAT
Nick: 100%
Mojo: Y.O.L.O
Sam: Better late than never
Zoe: See you later
Ben: We will have digital gravestones by then, so probably a pop up saying you’ve won an ipad
Marco: I’m waiting for you
James: The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.
Edwina: See you around
Charlie: I am only sleeping
J.T.: JT stands for John Trainor
Ashley: Go and do something with your life instead of looking at a piece of stone.
Soren: Remove every words to make space for an ad that sells stones.
Michael: Nothing is set in stone, aside from this sentence and death.
Rob: Of course, you can live without Rob Sanderson. The question is, How well?
Ed: No flowers please.


Tom EB: Go on. Lick it.
Jacqui: Possibly still at large
Fiona: She sell then she died.
Tom M: To dance on my grave please follow the instructions engraved below


Pugh: End of an era. Start of another.
Georgia: My name is Georgia not Georgina.
Joel: About time too
Lucy: Never trust a fart.


Marcella: …finally
Eytan: Best before *date of death*
Alex M: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Jezza: Stop pissing on me, I’m not Jim Morrison.
Nina: Please leave cheese instead of flowers.
Lawrence: I don’t plan on dying. I plan on outlasting every one one of you.

Stephen: No money or valuables are left on these premises overnight.

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