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Kenny Meek

By Kenny Meek


Great British Ad Off

Advertising is an unpredictable industry. The combination of daily drama, content and challenges in this environment make it seem more akin to an episode of reality TV than the go getter workforce that agencies would have you believe it is.

So here’s four reasons why Advertising is basically GBBO and what we can learn from that

Good Bakes Rise

Like a good dough, well made creatives have lift. With a lot of effort, a good proving and some beating, young creatives can do anything they put their mind to. Over the past few weeks I’ve visited five agencies and relatively new creatives are kicking ass and taking names. They challenge the overdone attitudes of their superiors all whilst maintaining a spongy attitude.

It’s a process of elimination

Look, the fact of the matter is you have to keep up. You need to stay relevant regardless of whatever challenge comes your way. New briefs are always an opening to tackle something you’re not used to. Like bread week, you better make sure that seeded loaf is perfect. You’re not going to get a Hollywood handshake if you’ve half assed your prep.

We’re all under a big tent

You’ll always be surrounded with people in the same position that you’re in, whether that’s in a school, an agency or under a big tent in a garden. These people might be competing with you, but they’re having the same fears that you are too. They’re fighting against the same people that you are and ultimately they’re challenging the same task as you. Some work on BMW campaigns, some work on a showstopper, all whilst your boss or Mary Berry prepare themselves mentally to completely shut it down. They might be legends in some people’s eyes but to you, they’ll always be terrifying.

Awards are cool, but star baker ain’t for everyone

Look we work our buts off for the next big thing. We seriously seek out that D&AD pencil, a Lion or hell, even just a smile from the judges. However that shouldn’t dictate our direction. At the end of the day sometimes our job is just to make great work that meets the ‘technical challenge’ and if we’re guided by that then we’re bound to learn.

I don’t really have an analogy for Mel and Sue but they’re pretty cool

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