Group SCAB: SCA’s favourite and least favourite Super Bowl ads.

SCA’s FAVOURITE 25 SUPER BOWL ads. #23 will SHOCK you. (has science gone too far?)


Sara: Fave would be the Tide ad, super smart. Least fave, Hyundai. Hyund-why.


Meg: I thought overall 2018 was a pretty bad year for super bowl ads… However, my favourite was Alexa… I also liked Tide, and Toyota ‘Good Odds’ gave me the feels. My least favourite was Mountain Dew & Doritos (seriously what was that about?!)


Poppy: I liked Bud Light, and hated Hyundai/Doritos (ugh!).


Joe: Tide was great. Netflix was propaganda for ‘mericans who think the world is flat. Toyota was some sentimental shafting that I don’t think they had the right to make. Hyundai was banky before I even watched it.


Jono: Fave: Bud Light, “Bud Knight”, which made me laugh. Quite a bit.
Least fave: Michelob Ultra, “I Like Beer”: The only good bit was the “DO NOT ATTEMPT” message while a swimmer sung underwater.


Philly: Game of Thrones was my favourite. Least favourite was Pepsi.


Helena: Favourite was the Alexa and the one that just didn’t do it for me was Squarespace.


Zoe: Fave: Sprint, “Evelyn,”. Not so good: Febreeze.


Becky: Favourite was Pringles, didn’t like the first 10 seconds but screaming at Kevin made me want to watch again. Least favourite was Pepsi, wasn’t sure of the point / what I was supposed to


Holly: My favourite was Tide and the one I liked least was Squarespace


Helena: liked Alexa and Tide, didn’t like Hyundai


Steve: Tide was meta and made me laugh. Wix did another wack product demonstration ad, and although I sub to Rhett and Link I don’t know why they haven’t tried something with a creative strategy yet. Maybe they’re a chicken shit client. Plus, Avocados from Mexico. Lol.


Christian: The worst for me was the, It’s like why, just why.  The best was Amazon Alexa. But to be honest, I didn’t find any of the ads particular good this year.


Ben: Repetition seventeen. Tide was great and the Dorito/Mountain Dew was a collaboration that was farcical for the sake of being farcical. The short form Tide ads were better than the longer TVC, there’s one with the Old Spice guy that is ridiculously advertising META.


Spoke with Joe about these earlier in the day and it is weird how brands like RAM can get away with using MLK and bastardising it, when Pepsi was taking a beating. No sympathy for anyone, time will tell.


James: Favourite Tide, Least Mountain Dew.


Rachel: I really enjoyed the tide advert. It’s amazing that no one ever thought of it before. Now in future every time I watch something, I’ll think of the super clean clothes the actors have on, something I hadn’t thought of before and it’ll remind me of the brand. The Mr Clean one killed me. With the humour of Doritos/Mountain dews past ads I think it fits and it made me laugh, they are sister brands btw so the rap battle was just great. I think the one that just didn’t do it for me was Lexus advert.I understand why with the last Captain America movie but just didn’t enjoy the ad.


Martin: Favourite is skittles. It made me go google Marcos Menendez. And I just love the concept, I think it works. Well done.

Least favourite is the one is Wix. Wasn’t sure if it’s a pre-roll ad on youtube or for Superbowl. Completely flat, no idea at all.


Adeline: 2018 was NOT a good year for the SuperBowl ads.

Now, this said:

Looks like Coke and Pepsi are fighting to get the worse ad. Flat. Boring.

Glad to see a beer brand like Budweiser showing itself in a different light than usual.

Alexa made me giggle.

Like everyone else, Tide was one of my fav – although very similar to the Newcastle Brown Ale ad from a few years ago.

Unlike everyone else, I enjoyed Doritos VS MTN Dew. The tunes. Loved the tunes.

But the winner is: Skittles. They made me check my Facebook. And watch a kid watch an ad. Well done.

UPDATE: Does Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy count? If so, then that’s the winner.


Henry: Skittles was great. Squarespace not so much


Susie: Tide was funny. M&M’s not so much. I haven’t yet decided about the ad’s supercritically, (will I ever?) but I liked the collab of Doritos and Mountain


Dew, if I was in America, at least now I know what I’d be drinking with my Blaze Doritos. I think it’s the good kind of trashy. I watched it a few times cause something got me.


Pietro: Fav. Tide

Worst Doritos


Melina: Tide and Skittles were brilliant, but I also liked Alexa and Rocket Mortgage. Wendy’s and Jack in the Box felt awkward. I could watch Morgan Freeman rapping every day. Every. Day.


Twyla: Tide was great.

Worst Wix.


Josh: I can’t remember any of them, I watched them all.


Nick: Febreeze was great. Didn’t like Coke.


Rita: Alexa.


Dan: For me personally Volkswagen swept this year should get bare pencils.

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