Half way through. – By @bellwoodart

By Elle Bellwood


Half way through.

We are halfway through SCA and this is what I’ve learnt.
1. A cup of tea goes a long way.
2. Deadline Fridays are HORRIBLE.
3. None of the sofas in SCA are comfortable.
4. If it’s in the fridge, it’s anyone’s.
5. I actually like Red Bull.
6. Market Bar is always a BAD idea.
7. Brixton is FULL of wrongens.
8. My commute is the least of my worries.
9. Fake tan is the only thing that makes me look slightly alive.
10. We all cry.
11. Pestering Alex gets me through the day.
12. Charlie and Gigi share my love for wine.
13. Holly is a ray of sunshine.
14. Pierre is the funniest fella ever.
15. Phillip loves Ritz biscuits.
16. Tommy’s mum is a top baker.
17. Katie is a bit kinky.
18. Chloe has the best dress sense.
19. Scarlet just always has it together (the bitch).
20. Eva loves kittens.
21. Oliver loves Eva.
22. Hi Mum.
23. Sam will solve world peace.
24. Alex really actually can’t hack the sesh.
25. Izzy should have been a model.
26. Alice says it how it is.
27. Munraj has the best taste in snacks.
28. Dean is my spiritual soul mate.
29. Ivan is a sarcastic qween.
30. Hi Alex.
31. Rolly is a cutie pie.
32. Elisa goes above and beyond.
33. It’s Daveeeeed bitch.
34. Lawrence is just too cool for us; he’s better than this.
35. Jay shares my love for not wearing pants.
36. If you want a girl who can do both Ellie is she.
37. Chris will laugh at anything.
38. DJ isn’t really a DJ.
39. Sean doesn’t deserve the grandad jokes.
40. Aaron has the best arse.
41. Tommy and Charlie both deserve a peng ting.
42. Scarlet is a peng ting.
43. Alfie exists.
44. Alex is alright.
45. Bastien <3 <3
46. The French really do love a fag.
47. I think I’ve lost the plot?
48. I am so bored of drink briefs.
49. Don’t talk to mentors on a Friday.
50. Sleep is the only thing getting me through.
51. Try and leave the studio at least once a day.
52. I miss sunlight.
53. Double dating Oliver & Eva is fun.
54. Always pick the advertising brief.
55. Don’t live in Hertfordshire.
56. (on a serious note) I am way stronger than I ever thought I was.

57. You know nothing about advertising before SCA.
58. I hate SCABs
59. TikTok is the future.
60. I want to work for BP.
61. Chloe I love you.
62. Fencing is actually kind of sexy.
63. Alex is sexy.
64. Katie’s dog is sexy (?)
65. Do I even actually want to work in advertising?
66. Is this SCAB over?
67. Always wrap up warm for masterclasses.
68. Alan always has his camera on him.
69. People will nick your idea.
70. Apparently we are only working at 40% (help).
71. I’m not as good as time management as I thought.
72. Don’t fake tan drunk.
73. Witnessing a mugging has its perks.
74. Don’t shit where you eat. (oops)
75. You know what SCA isn’t actually THAT BAD.
76. It is fun.
77. I’ve learnt a lot.
78. But I really don’t know what to write my SCABs on anymore.
79. Bye Alex.
Bellwood X

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