Have you seen my inner child? By @Arthur_Art_Dir

By Arthur Harry



Have you seen my inner child?


The three pillars of learning I got from SCA 2.0 are; autonomy, asking why and teamwork.  


I didn’t apply any of them during the last two weeks. Stress took over and I ended up in a controlling mode, secluded in my tiny bubble. This made it difficult to leave space for illogical outcomes.


From the start, I should’ve had faith in my inner child.


But listening to your instinct without second thought is hard. Especially growing up in a chain of boxes – from schools to nightclubs. I’ve been educated in a ‘graded life’ to be dependent.

Whereas the more I listen to this voice the closer I’ll get to the edge. Whether I fall or not doesn’t matter, it’s about trying new things.


So how to awake this inner child?

  1. Remember that it’s only advertising.

  2. Have fun. I didn’t sign up to feel at work.

  3. Think with your feet above your head.

  4. Develop a hyper curiosity.

  5. Challenge and cuddle your neighbour.

  6. Don’t over think.

  7. DO and MAKE everyday.

  8. Be lazy some days.

  9. Think small but also big.

  10. Be generous.  

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