Here I am in London – By @aleks_atn and @PavouxAlison

By Alison Pavoux & Aleksandra Atanasovski


Here I am, London !


Train ticket in the pocket. Suitcases done. Shoes cleaned. I was ready. In the meantime, I wasn’t sure yet what I was about to get into. Quite a complicated journey, to say the least. How dumb was I to hang two 110lbs luggage and a 44lbs bag on my shoulder, all by myself?
It was exactly 5:48 a.m when I opened my eyes after a long night of thinking.

Stress, fear of not waking up, to be late… a very short night, I’d say. Yet, I was finally getting there, going on an adventure alone. When I got at the station, eyes half opened, I wasn’t sure enough where to go. Door A, right? Maybe B actually? I have to say I’ve spent quite some time starring at the signs but I finally find my way and got in the train. Everything was ready.

I got to admit I felt an horrendous pain in my arms, which I was hiding. Nobody offered me some help, however I recognize it was on me, my own fault. Pretending I can handle all alone. I guess we all make mistakes, don’t we?
As soon as I got in England, a kind older man helped me with my luggage, getting them out of the train. Quite a difference with the well-known French mentality. You can’t expect that in France, trust me.

Finally, I saw the end. The end of this long, exhausting journey. A journey which actually lasted only two hours but felt like forever. I caught a cab, opened the windows, and then, everything started to make sense. The air, buses, people, the driving on the right hand side… Here I am, London !




London, capital of England, I arrived only few days ago and it was exactly like I thought. I have been in London once when I was younger, it was a school trip and I don’t really remember it, I just know I enjoyed it. When you are young you don’t realise how lucky you are. You don’t have to worry, everything is organised for you, that’s so great!

I wish someone could have organised my arrival one more time.
I was really excited to go to London, excited to meet new people and to discover a new city. I was even excited to go back to school after 1 year off. I really enjoy doing creative stuffs and I kind of missed it. I should have done more even if I was away, because creativity is everywhere. I just have been too lazy and I regret it! Luckily I used to be a great student, I have been studious and made an Adobe bible while I was in third year. Everything I learnt about Adobe is in there, and after 1 year without using it I thank god I have those notes left. Let’s go back to my arrival in London.

First, I have to say I almost missed my flight. One thing I didn’t know about EasyJet: They sell more seats than what the plane gets. So I got no seat into the plane unless someone been late and miss it. Lucky me, it happened and I flew to London.

The first thing I did was to lose myself into transport, it took me 4 hours to get to my hostel instead of 40 minutes according by my IPhone map. I stayed positive and convincing myself it was a nice London visit, and it was actually. I have a housemate close to Brixton but unfortunately I could not live there straight away. Therefore, I decided to try myself in dormitory for the second time. I could write an entire SCAB about dorms and every situation you have to deal with. I choose dorms because it is the most economic accommodation you can find in London, and it’s an easy way to meet person when you are new in city.

By the way this hostel was great, it is also a bar and a restaurant. Some night we had jazz musicians coming, music always makes people feel happy. Yes, I fell asleep in good mood this night but trust me I did not wake up the same. People are nice and friendly until you try to sleep, then you could kill them right in the middle of the night. There are different types of annoying persons; those who snore so loudly that you think there is a pig in the room, and those who just think they are alone in their private room. Remember the only friends you have in dorms are your earplugs.

Anyway it was another experience and I can’t complain, I had such a great time there. I travelled and visited a lot of different countries and cities, London is already part of my favourite.

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