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By @cparkerbparker


On Friday Marc sent an email out telling us that it was time to start picking potential partners.

It was the moment we had all been anticipating and some waiting for.

The email left me a little worried and confused rather than excited.

The pressure to make the right choice has forced me to scrutinised myself just as much as I have my potential partner.

However all of this stressing reminded me of my favourite story of this year.

It is about a young lad who went searching for love on the classic game show ‘Blind Date’.

Armed with his 3 questions for his 3 potential partners and some cheeky charm for Cilla, he played the game and waited patiently behind the screen for his date to be revealed.

They went away on the holiday but like most couples on the show they ended up hating each other.

However he did find love on show but just not as he expected.

The woman of his dreams was sitting right there in front him.

Not behind a screen or the camera but in the audience.

Not long after that they got married.

So I guess it is worth remembering that if the pairings do not go my way, it is not the end of the world.

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