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James Reynolds and his ‘This is me’ photo project reminded me about something I wanted to do for a long while. Which is to visit places where I grew up and take photos of them.


After moving to London a little more than four years ago I realised that I’ve got very few photos of my hometown and almost none of my family and places where I lived. My family moved house four times since I was born and each of those places associates with a specific stage of my life. As the city landscape in Tallinn is changing pretty quickly, many places look very different compared to the way the looked some ten years ago. That’s why I regret starting this project only now. However, as some clever guy said, there are no regrets in life, just lessons.


So, as mentioned above, I’ve been planning do this photo project for a long time and now the time has come. I’m not doing it to get press coverage and become famous. Instead I’m doing it solely for myself and nobody else. In many ways it’s going to be a nostalgic look at my past. As Sheriff Bell from ‘No country for old men’ would say: those good old days. The spirit I’d like to have in my shots is present in Yuri Antonov’s song “Крыша дома твоего”. Here’s my favourite bit of the song:


Мир полон радости и счастья,
Но край родной милей всего.
И так прекрасно возвращаться
Под крышу дома своего!


In English it sounds like this:


The world is full of joy and happiness,

But your home land is dearer than everything.

And it is so lovely to return

To your home!


Due to the limitations of the English language the lyrics lose their magic, but what can I do?

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