Hey guys… By @YOxSHOSHO

Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


Hey guys…

It’s with great sadness and excitement I write to you. You see this will be my last scab as a student at SCA. I’ve decided to leave the school.
And don’t convince me not to.

I’ve made my decision. It’s time. I believe this is for the best.

It’s been a ride, it’s been, it’s been a trip! A fun, terrifying, happy, confusing, educational, sad, stressful, one of a kind kind of trip. One I wouldn’t trade in for the world.

Maybe for a private roundtable discussion/rendez-vouz avec the “Friends” cast which would inevitably result in life long friendships.

Or a time machine. (Donell, Montell, wait for me;))

It’s a bittersweet feeling I’ve had these last few weeks leading up to the end. Every time someone mentions the number of weeks left, that feeling washes over me, ever so slightly, like an old man gently drooling over you. Not the most pleasant feeling, unless you’re in to that kind of thing.

So I try to reflect on the past year in all it’s glory and despair. and… It’s been!

This roller coaster started in, I wanna say sometime in March 2015 (omg, I’m so old! hehe), I landed in London the morning of the interview day, I perplexed a room of people and flew back to Sweden in the evening, thinking that trip to London was just a strange happening in my lyfe.. One phone call from Marc later and it all changed. ew sappy.

(Note to self: ’Sappy Suki’ a thing?)

and I’ve never looked back since then.

LIES. Yes, yes I have, several times. But I haven’t regretted it once, even those low points when you’re trying to sell a cracker as a non-binary entity through a infomercial-style video shot on an iPhone 4Ssss edited to look like something from the days of yore.

Moving on…

Should I become a youtuber? Is that my path?
Am I the zeitgeist?
Brolley, whut?.

No, Mum, it’s for school! ugh so annoying! Why did I buy that camera?
Johnny Depp didn’t do that, did he?

Things I’ve asked myself this year. But you do you tho boo, you do you..

I would love to thank the people who put up with us everyday/week for 10 months starting in alphabetical order because that’s how I enjoy my orders: Caroline, Clare, Deanna, Honor, Ian, John (or should I say John Cage…) Julian, Marc, Max, Pete, Rob, Vikki. You guys are pretty cool!!:) All the mentors who swing by our humble abode in Brixton. You’re good people too!

I will now continue by naming each and every person in chronological order, here goes… jk. lol. rofl.

While I am at it, I’d love to give a special lil shout out to all my homies of Coup though. We may not have been the most fun intake but we we’re certainly interesting?

Now to each homie, in alphabetical order so there are #nohardfeelings: Zac: you do you
But the other way around! Because I’m interesting like that!
Tristan: be yourself, dude

Tomasz: keep being you.

Suki: Hehe, you’re you

Seb: do what you feel represents you

Sam: stay the same

Rhiannon: keep being as confident in yourself

Roman: vous êtes-vous et gardez être toi pour toujours

Ranj: I miss you

Owen: You are you and what is you. mm philosophical. much. yes.

Orla: keep being passionate about yourself.

Nunu: keep keeping on being yourself.

Nihal: you are you, and so is everyone else. mhm…

Nick L: Good on you for being the first ’Nick’.

Nick K: Maybe next time, Nick.

Nadia: keep doing you, gurrrl.

Mikey: you are your own in life.

Matt K: you rascal, you.

Matt B: you are your own person and that is how it should be.

Lauren G: Chew on that. Look at it and see yourself in it. mhm…

Laura M: YOU should seriously keep being yourself! (I said that to everyone else, but I honestly mean it this time.)

Katy: I do mean it. Like how Katy means ’You’ in Pawnee.

Georgia: I really do mean it. you, yourself and I. Federica: I mean you, yourself and Y(?)
Drew: you are you who will become you. Dennis: how about you being you?

Chloe: and you should stay you forever.
Blaz: Forest!! Keep figuring yourself out in the forest.
Ben T: You keep being yourself. And others…
Becci: do you and … do it yourself, huh?! huh!?
Beatrice: Du är din egen person… dina tänder.
Angus: you on a hunnit.
Alicia: Did you know, right? Alicia rhymes with you, heh Alexander: I don’t know you but we have time to figure you out Adriano: youyouyouyouyouyou and you do you, boo

effort. so much.

I won’t forget you guys…in the larger scheme of things.

Suki, Out. Fiveever… jk.

*future in reverse*

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