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By Rachel Morris



Hey hey,


So in one of the most recent Emails from Marc he asked us to create more conversation and more feedback and sharing of Ideas to help each other. Tell me how you feel & what you think. Talk to me.

Growing up I was always the one with my hand up first when the teacher tried to get us involved or when they wanted someone to answer a question. There’s no difference now. However, in no way am I a teacher’s pet, I’m too stubborn for that.

The world is very f**ked up these days, and I know it probably always has been to each new generation to be honest with you. The difference you may ask? Well, now I can see how fucked up it is at the tip of my fingers because, like millions of others, I am addicted to my phone. 

I have access to everything, the world, with one small little device that controls me. So yeah, I am so beyond overwhelmed with everything. People bashing each other, opinions shared 24/7 on every single platform, negativity, constant showing of Ads when watching a video, pictures of girls outfits of the day, sad story’s, funny story’s, emotive story’s. 

You know what really gets to me though, those people who fight for things on social media but not in real life. They think that a hash tag tweet will do it. “If enough people use this tag just knowing about it will magically change the world” Another is when people in Advertising retweet and bash so many other people’s work. It will tell plenty of people not in Advertising that it’s wrong sure, I admit that’s great and the people need to know about their work being not acceptable but why not instead of showcasing bad advertising, go and show the good ones? Take the bad and use it as an example of what to NEVER EVER do yourself. Use it to remind yourself to double, triple check your work in the view point of different kinds of people. Spread some love and positivity.

Social media has changed so many things and honestly I may be an exception (I know I am), but I struggle to find the good, or maybe I struggle to see if it’s done more good than damage to the world. To us as humans. My opinion is that It’s given so many people so much confidence. I mean come on we even have trolls, in the 21st century we’ve given trolls a new meaning! Suicide is on the rise, bullying has no end, kids are exposed to so much more bad things which are so easily accessed than ever before. 

Speaking of bashing ads, in my first term at Uni I had a debate with my Tutor. He put an example of “great” Advertising on the wall. I’ll admit, it was beautiful but I couldn’t quite see the purpose. And then he showed us a L’Oréal shampoo and conditioner advert and said it was the worst Advertising in the world. I looked at this piece of advertising, it lacked beauty I’ll admit. But it’s had a picture of the product which was clear, it had what the shampoo would do (or what they want you to believe it would do) and an visual representation. I believe that does the job. I also believe he was a bit extreme. You want to know why? L’Oréal has been a brand for years, built on reputation, it’s not going anywhere. Why? Because it knows it’s Audience.


What I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is that we are the new fresh generation of advertisement creators. We know what’s right and what’s wrong as a whole in terms of LGBT, Women’s rights, equality and diversity. We know what we want to see, so instead of talking about it and going around in circles, like the many thousands. Let’s be some of the few to take the lead and just do it. That’s why I’m here. I didn’t want to go into a rut and be like everyone else. I wanted the best possible chance at becoming a doer in the industry.


Reflection blogs are new to me by the way.





I’m in the midst of creating a YouTube channel; about my journey of SCA to show it bare, to help people who want to be in advertising but don’t know where to start and to get more people to avoid uni like the plague. I want it to be like the scabs but more visual J  If you have any ideas/want to be a part of it please email me @

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