Homeless, by @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini – From the 2015/16 Intake



Homeless: an individual who lacks housing


Since July 2015 I’ve been homeless. Maybe I always have been. I’ve always missed that feeling of complete happiness in a place. But on the 9th July 2015 my life drastically changed. I packed up everything in my house, said goodbye to my family and friends, and changed my life. I jumped on a train and left my comfort-zone . Since that day I started travelling all around searching for a place

First I spent some time in Europe between Switzerland and Germany and then I moved on to Asia, spending some time discovering Vietnam and Cambodia, meeting new people, learning new things, listening to stories and discovering new places.

Right now I’m in Lao Cai, a small city on the border between China and Vietnam, still searching for a place to call home but with a bag full of stories from both myself and other people. In two weeks I’ll fly back to europe and move directly to London, which I hope I will make my home for the next two years. I hope that in this city , thanks to its diverse culture and the millions of people who call it home, I can learn a lots of new things and expand my bag of stories and experiences. I just can’t wait to start this year at SCA2.0 and meet all the other students, in order to share all our stories and experiences.

See you in a couple of weeks ☺

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