Hong Konger Working Mode On: Life as a Solo (Kinda) – By @nclrolly

By Rolly Ng


Hong Konger Working Mode On: Life as a Solo (Kinda)


My partner and I were given a beer brand to work on as a portfolio brief. We had to help them do some repositioning to be more relevant to their target audience. The two-day brief and 90 minute brief with different partners plus comedy school meant that we have to manage our time wisely in order to fit this portfolio brief in. We ended up not having much chance to focus on the portfolio brief. Wednesday ended with a few ideas that are a bit all over the place after we six-hatted.

On Thursday, I woke up with a message from my partner saying that he was ill and had to be off off. I did have the option to go to Marc and join another group, but I didn’t as I see this as an opportunity to see how I work when I am independent.

During the day, I spoke to more mentors than I do usually. I discovered that one of the ideas we had has been done. After a chat with my fellow classmate, it came clear that I had two routes and had to pick one. At 8, I left school knowing that I am physically exhausted but have an idea I love but not developed enough.

At home, pushing the idea, creating a storyboard, finding relevant clips and editing the case study video were my goals. I was way too ambitious. The script wasn’t done till 1:30. 2 hours was spent to find the best music. It just wasn’t productive. I ended up letting go of my desire to think creatively and went to bed at 5.

Friday morning was a master class on strategy. Thankfully, I was inspired to push my idea further to generate social media attention.

My partner texted me and I am glad that he is well alive but I desperately need a name for the campaign. Felling a bit bad to ask him to work when he is sick, I sent him the script and asked him to name the campaign. While he was working on that, I asked for help on posters. It was two hours before the deadline. Felt a bit bad to ask for help (again) as everyone is busy but did it anyway and I am so glad I did it because my fellow classmate kindly helped to proofread my script and gave me 3 expressions that work for the audience I am trying to target.

In the end, I submitted a video with a black screen moment and posters with interesting imagery but far from being art directed. Nevertheless, my idea came through and I am very happy with my work given I was kind of working as a solo.

So, what I learnt from this experience:

  • I need a copywriter.
  • My ideas often come when I am not doing the talking, they can come from masterclasses or what people say on YouTube.
  • After 3 am, I stop working productively and procrastinate (fake perfectionism).
  • I am good at not being a perfectionist when necessary (Hong Kong level efficiency in my blood).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • I am more courageous to ask for help when I am independent as and don’t have a partner to lean on.

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